Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sourdough Bread - Day 2 of Hoppiness and Plants

Friday 1/23/20 - 2nd day of Hoppiness and Plants.
 Breakfast was oatmeal with diced apple, dried cranberries, and coconut. And coffee.
Travis picked up the whole wheat sourdough bread that we ordered yesterday from Sweet Cheeks Bakery.
Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread from Sweet Cheeks Bakery

For lunch I made a soup with brown rice, onion, vegetable broth, water, frozen English peas,leftovers from the Pho Noodle House, tamari, salt, and pepper. It was good with the sourdough bread and a baked potato.

Here is the soup.

For dinner I made baked tofu that had been marinated in soy sauce and maple syrup and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served it with baked sweet potatoes and more sourdough bread. I spread the sweet potato with a little Earth Balance spread. So good. I had a kombucha after dinner.

To hoppiness and health...

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