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January 26, 2020 - Day 4 of Hoppiness and Plants

January 26, 2020 - Day 4 of Hoppiness and Plants

Breakfast:  We had to leave home at 8:30 this morning in order to be able to attend church with our daughter and her family this morning.  I only had 30 minutes for my meditation time this morning, and breakfast was simple and fast....almond butter and grape jelly toast with a banana and coffee.
Almond Butter and Grape Jelly Toast, banana, and coffee plus a few vitamins and a digestive enzyme.

Angel Drops - a flower essence made by Star Essences.  I had a couple of drops this morning.

Lunch:  We went to church with our daughter and her family today, so I did not prepare any food at home today.  After church the family all went to Chepe's Mexican Grill in Benton for lunch.  This place is a family favorite.  Everyone filled up on chips and salsa before the meal arrived.  I ordered the vegetarian plate with a bean burrito, quesadilla, and chalupa.  I requested no cheese, but the chalupa had cheese.  Molly and I split a margarita.  Everything was good, but I could only eat the quesadilla.  The rest went home to eat for dinner. 
Vegetarian Plate from Chepe's Mexican Grill.

After lunch, we watched old movies at Molly and Ken's house from when the kids were little.  Oh my goodness.  They were adorable. 
Watching old family movies with Zac, Emily, and Bella the cat.

Dinner:  Dinner was the leftovers from the restaurant...the bean burrito and the chalupa.  I had a Kombucha after dinner.

Travis gave me a present...a beautiful blue topaz pendant and earrings.  I love them.

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