Friday, July 26, 2013

Still Learning to Eat

We leave for the beach early in the morning!  Today I must pack!  I hope to connect with my cousin, Gaylon, while we are in Panama City and get in some good cousin/girlfriend time.  Surely there will also be time for the farmer's market as well as getting in some sun, earth, and water time.

Travis and I want to get rid of some of our "stuff" when we get back from the beach.  Is it feasible to get rid of half?  We plan to have a garage sale and then donate what does not sell.  Our garage sale is planned for August 23-24.  Clearing out makes room for more abundance to come in!  By abundance, I do not mean necessarily more "stuff".

Travis had a day with our friend, Karl Hochradel, yesterday.  He sent a paper home with Travis that he compiled regarding competencies in building community.  I have a lot to learn in that area, so I read it carefully.  It started off with..."One of the most important elements of developing community in a democratic society is authentic, effective communication".  Communication requires a commitment to a process that transforms my best into something better.  Silence also is valuable.  Since I am an introvert, I am often silent.  But I need to become comfortable with my silence and the silence of other people.  The first and last discipline is ...Do to others as you would have them to do to you.

I listened to an important video made by Tim Van Orden called Cheating on a Raw Vegan Diet.  The message is to get rid of the whole concept of cheating.  When your truth says, "I want pizza" and this starts a conversation between your ideal self and your perceived self accusing each other of cheating and lying, nothing is gained.  Get rid of the whole cheating conversation because that is just you fighting with your truth.

Tim's rule is "Eat fruit first".  Allow yourself to "cheat" but eat fruit first.  If you still want the pizza after eating the fruit then allow yourself.  Don't fight yourself, and don't beat yourself up.  You don't crave pizza because you need protein or calcium.  It is just that your perceived self (your real self) needs affection.  If the fruit doesn't satisfy it, then give it some affection.  Don't fight it.  Start where you are, and if this means you need a little piece of pizza every now and then, embrace that.  When you embrace it, you can transform it.

Here is the link.....

The lesson I am working on right now is to learn to enjoy good healthy delicious foods without guilt and without fear.  I am a healthy eater so when I get this lesson in my head and heart, then I will enjoy more freedom and I will be able to breathe easier.

Kristopher Aaron wrote an interesting take about tithes and offerings.  The word "tithe" means "tenth" which is the best of the best.  We must bring our tithe into the storehouse of the Holy Temple.  Since the Holy Temple is the human body, he likened the storehouse to the stomach.  Once we start bringing the best offerings into our stomachs then the living God truly opens the windows of heaven whereby life becomes truly real and magical!  God then rebukes the devourer (disease and darkness) for our sakes. Pay attention to people's diets.  Do they fill their temples with light, love and life or with death, darkness and fear?  Our bodies are the Lord's temple.

I have just presented two takes that require a balance.  On the one hand I want to enjoy good healthy delicious food without guilt and fear and on the other hand I want to bring the best of the best to present an offering in the Lord's temple.

Yesterday for lunch I had a green smoothie, watermelon, cherries, avocado, and freshly grated coconut.  Yummy.  For dinner I had sauerkraut, blended salad, cooked squash and cornbread, peppermint tea and some Green & Black organic chocolate.  My diet for yesterday was not 100% raw, but it was healthy by most standards.  Do I beat myself up or embrace it?  I think I'll embrace it!

Whatever we choose to eat must be eaten with love, gratitude, and without fear.  Even healthy foods can make us ill if they are eaten with fear present.  Love and gratitude make up for a lot.  As Dan McDonald said...Eat with love and say, "Thank you Grandma for the chocolate chip cookies.

To health and happiness.

Here I am with the cucumbers we harvested a few days ago.