Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Goody Balls and Fudge

Today I made fudge for the holidays using walnuts and coconut.  Here is the recipe:

Walnut Coconut Fudge

3 cups walnuts ground in food processor
2 cups coconut
1/2 cup carob
5/8 cup of agave nector

Mix all together in the food processor then spread in pan and refrigerate.

Walnut Coconut Fudge
Lunch today was green smoothies made with collard greens, grapes, dates, cranberries, bananas and water.  Travis and I also split a red pear, an organic apple, and an avocado.  I had fresh coconut, too.

Goody Balls
I made goody balls today, too.  It takes about two hours to make a batch of goody balls.  I have given the recipe for goody balls before, but here it is again.  This is one of our staples.  They are perfect for traveling, meal replacements, or for finishing off the fruit or salad meals.

Goody Balls
500 gms sesame seeds
500 gms sunflower seeds
250 gms almonds
250 gms pumpkin seeds
Grind each of the above in the food processor and put into a large container to mix together.  I use a large blue tub to mix all the ingredients together.

500 gms raisins
500 gms sultanas
500 gms currants
500 gms dates (remove the pits)
500 gms dried peaches or other fruit (Today I used dried cherries)
Mix the seeds and fruit together in the big tub and then put through a meat grinder.  Roll into table tennis size balls.  Makes about 100-120 goody balls.

Ground seeds and nuts and dried fruits mixed together in a big blue tub.

Goody Balls going through the meat grinder.

Here I am making goody balls.

Goody ball mix ready to make into balls.

Finished goody balls 
My natural hygiene lesson is a supplemental lesson in pediatrics about non-contagious childhood diseases.

For supper I had a salad made with romaine, mung bean sprouts, radishes, mushrooms, green onions, cherry tomatoes, oil and vinegar dressing.  Also, had a little sauerkraut, an avocado, a little raw milk cheese, and a goodie ball.

Non-raw foods I had today were peppermint tea and some cocoa flavored almonds.

To health and happiness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coconut Green Smoothie Recipe

For lunch I made Coconut Green Smoothies.  Here is the recipe:

In blender, use coconut water and coconut meat to blend together and make a coconut milk.  Add water as needed.
In juicer, juice a bunch of cilantro, a cucumber, a lime, and two bunches of celery.
Combine the juice with the coconut milk in the blender and serve.

The coconut green smoothie was grainy because of the coconut.  Travis and I both had a glass for lunch.  It had lot's of good healthy ingredients.  It was pretty good, but not as good as our regular green smoothie.  It would have been better with young coconuts, but I had to use the old coconuts that they sell at Walmart.  The young coconuts here in the states have been dipped in formaldehyde and are not healthy to eat.  But if you can get them fresh in the tropics...they are awesome.

For lunch we also had apples, grapes, clementine oranges, and raw cashew butter.

I didn't get to walk this morning because I was not feeling well in the morning.  At 9:30 I had a flute lesson.    My exercise today was scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with water and a scrub brush.  This method works great for cleaning the little grooves in the white tiles.

My lesson in Natural Living today was a pediatrics supplement.  Tonsils are the sentinels of the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is the body's sewage system.  When the sewage system is overloaded the sentinels become sore and painful.  The body is asking for time to catch up with the overload.

For supper I had raw cheese, tabouli, cucumber, a few sprouts, almonds, and a few cocoa covered almonds.

The non-raw foods I had today were herb tea and cocoa covered almonds.

Happy day.  The box arrived today from Nuts on Line.  It contained 5 organic pounds each of sunflower seeds, mung beans for sprouting, walnuts, cashews, currents, sesame seeds, dates, and sultanas.  And one pound of pink Himalayan sea salt.  Now I have everything I need to make goody balls.

The sprouts are doing great.  This is the second batch this week of a mixed seed.

A free people must be able to grow and produce their own food.  

"Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we would soon want bread".             -Thomas Jefferson

I am having to reassess how busy I can get and still live the simple, natural life.  More to come on this.

To health and happiness.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tabouli and Almond Cheese

It was a rainy morning, so I did not get outside and walk today.  I did soak some bulgur wheat and made tabouli.
1 cup cracked wheat (bulgur)
1 cup water
1/2 cup fresh parsley
1/2 tbs. scallions
2 tbsp. fresh mint chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp. sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
1 small tomato

Combine cracked wheat and water.  Soak until wheat is hydrated and water is absorbed (30-60 minutes).
Add parsley, scallions, mint, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Mix well.
Add tomato and mix gently.
Serve at room temperature or chill until ready to serve.

I cleaned in the kitchen, wiping down cabinets and counter tops.  Some of the Christmas items are not needed until later so they got put away.  Some of my regular glasses were packed away, too, so there would be room in the cabinet for the Twelve Days of Christmas glasses.  I used a homemade spray of vinegar and water to clean.  It's my little effort to not buy so many plastic containers.  

We now have a store on Abe Books.  The name of the store is called Village Book Shop.  So far I have listed about five books.  There will be plenty more books to list.  Our specialty is rare and out of print books, but we will list other books, too.

It is so cold outside today.  I feels like it might snow!  I went out long enough to get some kale, arugula, mint, parsley, and a pepper out of the garden.

Lunch today was a green smoothie (kale, arugula, grapes, dates, bananas, and water) and tabouli (recipe above) and 1/2 avocado.

An herbal tea called Winter Spice was perfect to have something warm and comforting on this cold day.

Travis had the tedious job of peeling soaked almonds for a new nut cheese recipe.  It turned out good.  It's delicious with carrots or other veggie dip sticks.

Almond Cheese
Peel 2 cups of soaked almonds.  Blend the almonds in the blender with 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1-1/2 cups water, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dill.  (Just season to taste.)   Serve with dip sticks or dehydrated crackers.

I practiced my flute today and worked on learning a new song for Sweet Adelines. 

I went to Cranfords for apples, lemons, oranges and mangoes.  Their avocados were old and dried up looking, so I left them there.

We had veggie cocktails for supper.  Travis said it would curl your toenails.  They weren't very good.  I used our regular recipe of carrots, beets and celery...but added green peppers which were good...and ginger and lemon which we did not like very well.  Dr. Fielder says you shouldn't eat ginger anyway.  It slows down the digestion...thus it gives folks the impression that it is aiding digestion.  

Supper tonight, in addition to the yucky cocktails, was salad with oil and vinegar dressing, almond cheese, 1/2 avocado, some nuts, and a few cocoa roast almonds.  The non-raw foods I ate today were the cocoa roast almonds, a few organic herbal crackers and herbal tea.

I knitted some on Ken's cap.  It will be finished in time for the Christmas stocking.

Nuggets of knowledge today from Dan McDonald -
Fruits gets you up.  Veggies balance you and heal you.  Life comes from life.  Cooked food is dead.  One raw seed is infinite.  If you cook your food, you break the eternal flow.  You can change your life by changing what you put in your mouth.  Eat nice and light, just enough to support your life.  Don't waste energy by arguing or trying to change the world.  Your energy collapses when you eat a cheeseburger.  Party night....get out the grapes and put in a movie!  Can you ride out this raw food trip?  Don't numb yourself anymore.  Pray for the courage to face whatever is in there to be faced.  

Regarding sickness - When you get a runny nose, cold, fever, do you want to stop that?   No!  That is your body's vitality pushing out the mucous...out your nose, out your butt, out your eyes, out your waxy ears, out your smelly arm pits...and when your Mamma gives you a drug, it pushes the mucous deeper back in.  Never stop the mucous.  Never stop a cold.  Never stop a fever.  Let the body run its course.

To health and happiness.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy Sunday

Sunday, 11/27/11

Today was a 100% raw day except I had a glass of tea tonight at the nursing home.

I took cooked sweet potatoes to church, but I didn't eat any of them.  I also took a beautiful green salad made with lettuce, mushrooms, and tomatoes,  a vinegar and oil salad dressing, some nuts in the shell, and a bag of apples.

I made veggie cocktails with carrots, beets and celery juice for Travis and me to have at supper time.

Travis stayed home from church today, because he is not feeling well.  I think breathing bleach fumes didn't help him any as he tried to clean the mildew out of a downstairs closet that got wet during the last rain.  Water seeped in through the wall of this basement closet.

My pastor preached a beautiful sermon about David and Goliath at church as it relates to us serving the  Lord in the church.  Is there not a cause?  I went off on my own tangent and applied this lesson to natural law and living the simple natural life.   Sickness and disease can be a Goliath to us.  This giant can be met by bowing down and choosing five smooth stones supplied by nature's God....foods in their unprocessed, natural state; pure water; walking and playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine; a loving attitude; and prayer.  David rejected Saul's armor which in my illustration represents the world's remedies of antibiotics, surgeries, drugs to suppress the healing symptoms, etc.  The battle is the Lord's!  The simple, natural life glorifies God.

Health problems can be reversed by changing the lifestyle.  That is such good news....freely available to all.

I listened to Dan McDonald's videos this morning.  Here are two of his nuggets of wisdom.

"Junk food is a major addiction.  It is just as addicting as drugs.  Food is the last great drug.  Junk food causes obesity, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, and excessive amounts of metabolic waste that the body cannot process."

"Drink your juice.  It's a life saver,  Don't cut it out.  Clean it out.  Keep your vital organs and glands."

I like to plan my week ahead every Sunday on a piece of brightly colored construction paper.  I am planning NOT to plan so much, but still the calendar with my tasks and appointments helps keep me focused on what's important to me.  But not planning TOO much will allow for spontaneity, flexibility and being open to what life brings my way.  How exciting!

Rather than spending Sunday afternoon being lazy and over-eating I decided to go visiting.  I visited with my daughter, Molly, and grand-daughter, Ashlyn.  Molly was happy that I returned the things they left at my house last week-end, especially her curling iron.  Ashlyn has all her black Friday purchases wrapped and under the tree.

I went to Kroger to shop for organics.  I bought organic carrots, cucumbers, apples, lemons and grapefruit.

Then I went to the nursing home to visit my Mom.  I put a beautiful Christmas wreath on her door.  She loved it.  We decorated a small tree with silver garland and red bows that we put on top of the chest of drawers she shares with her roommate.  Very cute.  We put a Christmas plaid scarf across the chest of drawers , hung a stocking over her bed, and put a Christmas pillow in her wheel chair.  She feels very Christmas-y now.  Mom and I had supper together in the dining room.  I brought my own raw food...veggie cocktail, salad, avocado which I shared with Mom, and some almonds.  I drank some tea they served in the dining room.

Mom's nurse talked to me a long time about Nature Cure and the things I studied in Australia.  She wants to meet Dr. Fielder when he visits in this area next May.  Her daddy may want to hear him speak, also.

Travis had the tree up when I got home, so I started putting ornaments on it.  It looks pretty.  There are still plenty more ornaments to go on it.

I ate raw peanuts and watched an episode of House Hunters International about Cairns, Australia.  I felt like I was there!  It made me miss it.  I recognized everything...the esplanade, the lagoon, the Kuranda look out, Trinity Bay, and more.

I am learning two songs for Sweet Adelines...Go, Tell it on the Mountain, and Mary Did You Know.

To health and happiness.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Tuesday, 11/15/11

Well, the family is all invited over on December 17th for lunch.  My step-mother and step-brother, David, will be here to celebrate Christmas with us.  My mom will be here also along with my siblings, all my children and grandchildren, all my nieces, and great nephews and nieces.  Should be fun.  I will serve salad and fruit and some cooked vegetarian soup and cornbread.

It was pouring rain today.  Our newly fed fruit trees must be very happy.  I asked Dr. John Fielder about when to prune them.  He said we can prune them anytime.  There are conflicting opinions on when is the best time.  The traditional view is to prune them while they are dormant.  The latest thought, however, is to prune them while they are growing so they can better repair themselves.  John thinks the latest idea is valid.

With all the rain outside today, my work for the day was domestic chores inside.  I got all three bathrooms cleaned and washed a load of laundry.

I gave our friend, Karl, a copy of an out of print book entitled "The Quintessence of Natural Living For Health & Happiness:  Essays and Talks on the Art of Natural Hygiene Lifestyle" by Keki Sidhwa.  He sent a wonderful thank you note saying that he and his wife, Rebecca, were both finding things in it that were interesting.  I am now looking for a copy of this book for myself.  Abe Books has a couple of copies available in the U.K.  and one in Canada.  Seems to be a rare book as well as out of print.

Lunch today was green smoothie, watermelon, and peanuts.

I went to the nursing home to visit Mom.  My sister, Sheila, had gone over earlier to have lunch with her.  I got there about 3:00.  I took a raw foods meal to share with my sister.  We ate with Mom at her table in the dining room.  Mom ate the food they served her, but Sheila and I ate hummus, carrots, tabouli, veggie cocktails (carrots, beet, celery, red bell pepper), avocado and goody balls.

Sheila and I visited the Top of the Rock Sweet Adelines Chorus in Little Rock....actually they rehearse in Sherwood.  I sing baritone, and Sheila sings lead.  They let us stand on the risers beside a member that sings the same part we sing.  It was so much fun to be back on the risers after so many years away from it.  My sister and I sang in a Sweet Adeline quartet years ago.  We were given two songs to learn so we can sing them with the chorus during the holiday performances.

I am not used to being up so late.  Rehearsal was over at 10:00.  It took about 1-1/2 hours to drive home in a pouring rain so got home about midnight.  Made for a long day.
Tuesday, 11/15/11

Well, the family is all invited over on December 17th for lunch.  My step-mother and step-brother, David, will be here to celebrate Christmas with us.  My mom will be here also along with my siblings, all my children and grandchildren, all my nieces, and great nephews and nieces.  Should be fun.  I will serve salad and fruit and some cooked vegetarian soup and cornbread.

It was pouring rain today.  Our newly fed fruit trees must be very happy.  I asked Dr. John Fielder about when to prune them.  He said we can prune them anytime.  There are conflicting opinions on when is the best time.  The traditional view is to prune them while they are dormant.  The latest thought, however, is to prune them while they are growing so they can better repair themselves.  John thinks the latest idea is valid.

With all the rain outside today, my work for the day was domestic chores inside.  I got all three bathrooms cleaned and washed a load of laundry.

I gave our friend, Karl, a copy of an out of print book entitled "The Quintessence of Natural Living For Health & Happiness:  Essays and Talks on the Art of Natural Hygiene Lifestyle" by Keki Sidhwa.  He sent a wonderful thank you note saying that he and his wife, Rebecca, were both finding things in it that were interesting.  I am now looking for a copy of this book for myself.  Abe Books has a couple of copies available in the U.K.  and one in Canada.  Seems to be a rare book as well as out of print.

Lunch today was green smoothie, watermelon, and peanuts.

I went to the nursing home to visit Mom.  My sister, Sheila, had gone over earlier to have lunch with her.  I got there about 3:00.  I took a raw foods meal to share with my sister.  We ate with Mom at her table in the dining room.  Mom ate the food they served her, but Sheila and I ate hummus, carrots, tabouli, veggie cocktails (carrots, beet, celery, red bell pepper), avocado and goody balls.

Sheila and I visited the Top of the Rock Sweet Adelines Chorus in Little Rock....actually they rehearse in Sherwood.  I sing baritone, and Sheila sings lead.  They let us stand on the risers beside a member that sings the same part we sing.  It was so much fun to be back on the risers after so many years away from it.  My sister and I sang in a Sweet Adeline quartet years ago.  We were given two songs to learn so we can sing them with the chorus during the holiday performances.

I am not used to being up so late.  Rehearsal was over at 10:00.  It took about 1-1/2 hours to drive home in a pouring rain so got home about midnight.  Made for a long day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeding Trees in Arkansas

On Monday, Travis and I worked outside from 8:00 until 10:30.  We fed six of our fruit trees using the methods I learned at the Clohesy River Health Farm.  We mowed down to the dirt around each tree, then applied rock phosphate....the closest thing I could find in our little town to the ground lava rock that we used in Australia.  Next we applied fertilizer, compost, and cedar mulch.  We ran out of mulch before we did the last tree, so we will put the mulch on it later.  We watered each tree for about 30 minutes, but it looks like rain is coming soon, so hopefully they will get a really good watering soon.

An apple tree after being fed.

A view from the deck of the trees we fed.
For lunch I got some kale out of the garden.  Green smoothies were made using the kale, bananas, dates, grapes and water.  This is my favorite green smoothie recipe.  Sometimes I will substitute a different fruit for the grapes.  We also had watermelon, pear, apple, coconut, avocado, almonds, and  a little melon we bought at the farmers market.  I can't remember the name of it, but it tastes like a tangy canteloupe.  It was about the size of a tennis ball.

Just as Travis and I sat down to eat our lunch the doorbell rang.  It was our mail delivery person with the long lost box I mailed from Australia three weeks ago.  The Australian post office charged me $156.75 for one week delivery.  A sticker on the box said it was received in Amarillo, TX in damaged condition due to inclement weather.  But at least it made it.  It had almost all my dresses in it.

In my Natural Hygiene Course the lesson in Philosophy of Nature Cure was about The Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Part Two).  I sent my completed lesson to John....and bragged to him about feeding our trees!  

Perfect cleanliness is necessary, both inside and outside the body.  Kuhne said, "Health is cleanliness."  Anything that interferes with the circulation of the vital fluids and nerve currents creates disease.

We must abstain from everything that is harmful in food and drink in order to relieve the cells of unnecessary work.

I practiced my flute for a little while.  Hopefully, Harriet Reynolds will take me back on as a pupil.  Maybe I can get good enough to play in the New Horizons Band in 2012.

Karen Knowler is a raw food coach that lives in the U.K.  I worked with her during 2011.  It wasn't the best year for me to decide to work with her because of doing the internship in Australia.  I wasn't able to give her suggestions the attention they deserved, and I wasn't able to participate in some of the live coaching.  But her office sent an email with links to all the calls from the Extrawdinary Diet part of the coaching.  I downloaded all of them and saved them on my computer so they can be listened to again.  That is fantastic.  I hope they will do the same thing with the Extrawdinary Life part of the program.

For supper I had hummus, tabouli, baby carrots, mushroom, cucumber, chopped up onion and tomato, and raw peanuts.  Travis had a baked sweet potato.

I am reading a book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.  It is a fable about a high-powered lawyer who had a spiritual crisis.

To health and happiness.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Home

I am back home in Arkansas.  My quest now is to see how much of the lifestyle of the simple, natural life I learned at the Clohesy River Health Farm can be incorporated into my life here in the United States.

We will ignore the first week.  I was dealing with a bad case of jet lag with mixed up days and nights.  My ninety-year-old mother needed some love and attention after being very ill.  She is better now, but I visited with her daily for the first week I was home.  The first week was spent recuperating.  I cooked some soup to serve our friends Arthur and Karl, and I ate too much of it...and too many organic, gluten- free crackers to go with it.  I enjoyed lounging on my own bed and catching up on HGTV.

My Mom - Recuperating from pneumonia with a bag of popcorn.

Sunday was my first day to attend church in five months.  I took food for our potluck luncheon.  I made hummus from The Farm Recipe Book, tabouli, sliced cucumbers, and sliced watermelon.  When we got to church there were big hugs for everyone.  Jessica and Megan made a Welcome Home sign and put it up in the kitchen.

I have the barbershop bug.  After church, Travis and I went to see the Vocal Majority from Richardson, Texas.  It made me miss Sweet Adelines.  Do I have time to sing with a Sweet Adelines chorus?

One of the first jobs that Travis and I did after I got home was to clean out our little greenhouse.  The plan is to grow some tomatoes and lettuces in here over the winter.

Walking around the neighborhood was the other activity to get the blood and lymph moving.  It was cold earlier in the week, so I wore my cap I knitted in Australia.

John Fielder's Hummus Recipe:
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup sesame seeds
1 medium cucumber
Juice of 1 lemon
Chopped onion to taste
Grind the seeds in the food processor.  Then add the cucumber, lemon juice and onion to the food processor.  Add water to desired consistency.  Serve with dip sticks...carrot sticks, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc.

Tabouli Recipe
1 cup cracked wheat (bulgur) soaked for 30-60 minutes in 1 cup of water
Add 1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped
2 Tbsp. fresh mint
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp sea salt
Fresh ground pepper to taste
Combine cracked wheat and water.  Soak until wheat is hydrated and water is absorbed.  Add parsley, mint, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Mix well.   Serve with chopped tomatoes and chopped onion.  Serve at room temperature or chill until ready to serve.

To health and happiness.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ian's Departure

John, Ian and I left for Cairns at 4:00 a.m.  We went to Rusty's Market...my last time.  I said good-bye to a couple of the vendors we buy from.  Carol was there shopping, as usual, so we said our good-byes.  Carol is a former client of John's who follows the lifestyle to near perfection.  She is originally from New York but has lived in Cairns for 30 years or so.  She's beautiful and very stylish.  I wish I had a picture of her, but I never got one.  She left me with the words, "Practice well."  I hope to do that...practice well.  

John had packed Ian a lunch for today, but Ian had to purchase his food for dinner on the plane.  He has been advised not to eat the airplane food.  He got cherry tomatoes, corn, avocado, cucumber, and a couple of apples.  Ian teared up at the market from the emotion of leaving.  He has had a full two weeks of learning how to look at things from a totally different perspective.  He has enough information to get him started.  He will be able to consult with Dr. Fielder via Skype whenever he needs some support.  I hope he will find a raw foods group to meet with in Sydney.  It's harder when you get around friends and family that don't see what you see.

Next we went to the radio station so John could do his radio program.  I said good-bye to Ron and Chris who do the morning show there at the station.

We went to the co-op for pecans.  I bought two shopping bags that I have had my eye on ever since I've been here.  Then one last time to get sugar cane drinks.  What on earth am I going to do without sugar cane drinks?  

We went to Cairns Central so I could make one last trip to the souvenir shop.  I bought more caps, tattoos, bookmarks, and a bar of Billy Goat Soap for my Mom.

We went to Captain Cook's Laundry.  I said good-bye to the ladies there.  They do excellent work, and I told them so.  John took them some plantain bananas that he grew on his farm.  We made one last trip to Cairns Craft Store so I could get two more balls of yarn since it will probably be impossible to match it once I get home.

We took Ian to the airport about 10:00 a.m. and told him good-bye with big hugs.  Ian's plan was to check his luggage and take a shuttle back into Cairns so he could sight-see for a while.  He was going to eat his raw food lunch down on the Esplanade while he took in the view of Trinity Bay and the Coral Sea. His flight to Sydney was at 5:00 p.m.

John and I stopped on the side of the road to buy a tray of organic mangoes from a guy from Cookeville.  Too bad I won't get to eat any of them.  They are not ripe enough.

We cleaned out the safe where John keeps some of his produce, put up all the food he bought today at the market, and then prepared lunch.  My lunch was watermelon, a little mango, avocado, grated coconut and a banana.

My suitcases are nearly packed.  The trick is going to be keeping the big one under 20 kilos.  I have dragged it over to the office twice already to weigh it.  The first time it was 23 kilos.  The second time it was 18 kilos but since then I've added a pair of socks.   I don't know how accurate John's scales are, either.  They are pretty old.  I may have leave behind my athletic shoes which I have pretty much ruined here anyway and my robe.  I thought I might have to leave my new music stand, but that is the thing I am going to try to bring home if anyway possible.

John said the other day that when your neck hurts it indicates a problem with your digestion.  Well, my neck is bothering me today.  A massage would feel good...but that would be addressing the effect and not the cause.  I ate some pistachios last night after meal time.  That probably did it.  It's important not to overeat on nuts or seeds or any concentrated food.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, fresh organic corn, pecans and a date.  It's important to only eat organic corn.  Almost all corn is GMO in the US unless it is organic....or you know the grower who will vouch that it is not GMO.

People are afraid of cancer because they don't realize they caused it, and they can reverse it.  Even in the cases where it has gone so far that perhaps it is not reversible, if the person will change his lifestyle and live in harmony with the laws of nature he will have the best quality of life possible.  The sad thing is that fear keeps people from doing the thing that makes sense.

To health and happiness.

John said the

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Work Day

This morning Travis went to the hospital to visit Mom.  We used his iphone and let me Skype with him, Sheila, and Mom.  Mom is looking better which is great.  She is very excited that I am coming home.

I cleaned the kitchen this morning.  The whey that Eddie brought us leaked all over the kitchen floor somehow.  He had it in a plastic milk jug.  There must have been a leak in the seam or something.  Talk about a mess.  After I finished the kitchen, I mowed grass until 11:30.  Today was my last work day on the farm.  It's been a wonderful experience to get to work like this. 

Lunch today was papaya, avocado, banana, sapadilla, yellow sapote, mango, and grated coconut.

I started packing my bags. Surely I can fit everything in.  My work clothes that I bought at the op shops will stay here...also my work shoes....my rain poncho.  I hope my terry wrap robe I bought at the op shop will fit in my suitcase.  I like it, but it may be too bulky.

I did some hand laundry.  I washed my Arkansas Razorback t-shirt to wear home!

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00.
- High blood pressure is not acute, it's chronic.  So fasting for high blood pressure would start when an acute symptom develops.
- Any poison you put into your body requires you to pay the penalty, including dental poisons such as novocaine.
- If you eat as you should eat, you won't have to worry about laxatives.  The body will operate as it should if you are doing the right things.  If your bowels aren't working...say because of stress...then address the stress and not the bowels.  Look at the cause, not the effect.
- You have to replace every cell in your body.  Every cell in your body is unhealthy now because it was built from unhealthy material.  If your lifestyle is right, then this reconstruction will take 7-10 years.  If you follow the lifestyle perfectly and fast when you become acutely ill, it will take 7 months.  For most people it takes 18 months to two years.
-Any pain or discomfort you feel when you are doing the right thing is the pain of healing.  If you are not doing the right thing, then it is the pain of destruction and a warning to change what you are doing.
-In the process of healing you relive things you have experienced before and used remedies to suppress the healing symptoms.  You need to let the symptoms play out without interference.
-You need to be able to walk every day.  Keep away from the gymnasium.  Walk in the fresh air.
-Putting on a jacket and walking until you sweat will break an asthma attack.

I ripped out the cap I am knitting and started over on it.  I just hope it won't be too big or too small.

Supper was feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and a date.

I knitted on the cap until I went to bed to read.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Decision to Return Home

There was no broadband connection this morning.  Mom is still in the hospital and having a rough time of it.  When I went over to meet up with John, about 8:00, he told me that if I needed to go home, it would work out fine for us.  While doing my morning mowing meditation it became clear that it is time for me to go home.  John is very supportive.  We will be continuing to work together, and I will be learning everything I can from him, via Skype consultations, the lessons from the course, and his visits to the United States.

Lunch today was papaya, white sapote, avocado, sapadilla, mango, banana, and grated coconut.

After lunch, John, Ian and I went to Mareeba.  John picked up his repaired lawn mower ($340) and whipper-snapper aka weed-eater ($105).  Seems expensive to me.  We went to Cole's for avocados and to IGA for more avocados and mushrooms.

Consultation with Ian was at 2:30 today.  An acute condition is the body in action.  A chronic condition is the body NOT in action.  In a chronic illness the body does not have the energy to go into the healing phase.  You must endeavor to raise the vitality of the body so that you can become acutely ill.  Most people complain about acute illnesses, but we should be jumping up and down happy when they occur.  They are the way the body heals itself.

I called American Airlines and was able to change my return flight from December 17 to November 6 for a small fee of $252.30.  I leave Cairns at 6:20 a.m. on Sunday morning.  I arrive home on Sunday night about 10:00 p.m..  It's a longer trip that it appears by those times.  LOL.

My mother is very happy I am coming home...she was clapping her hands and telling everyone that came into her hospital room (at 3:00 a.m. in the morning).  My sister is worn out from taking care of her during this life-threatening bout with pneumonia.  It will be good to get back and be able to help.

Most likely, I will not be returning to Australia.  It is a long trip.  I regret missing out on the visit of the Nature Cure doctor from India and John's 80th birthday  When John visits Hot Springs Village in May, we will be arranging for him to give a lecture, and we will plan a raw food potluck so everyone can visit with him.

Supper tonight was feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.

I started packing my suitcase tonight, but I still have clothes at the laundry I need to pick up on Friday.

To health and happiness.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feta and Seed Cheese

I woke up at 4:30 and read my Bible chapters.  The word from Mom wasn't as good as I hoped.  She is still in a regular room, but was too weak to do the therapy and sitting up they had planned for her.  Come on, Mom, you can do it!  Travis posted a video of a song being sung at Old Union on Sunday.  That made me feel better.

The kookaburra and I mowed grass from 8:00 until 10:30.  I checked under the yellow sapote tree, but nothing today.  I picked a little bowl of Brazilian cherries for our lunch.  They are really good.  We got a few tomatoes out of the garden.  We pick them when they first start to turn pink, else the rats will eat them.

We prepared lunch, then everyone got cleaned up.

Lunch was papaya, white sapote, yellow sapote, mango, banana with macadamia nut spread, avocado, Brazilian cherries, and grated coconut.  White sapote tastes like a soft pear.

I tried to study my French today, but the headset that came with the Rosetta Stone course broke at the USB plug.  I plugged in an old Sony headset of John's.  It works with Skype, but not Rosetta Stone.  I chatted with someone with Rosetta Stone in India.  He said this headset won't work.  I can hear the voice on the lesson, but the lesson can't hear me.  Someone from Rosetta Stone is supposed to contact me about buying a replacement headset.

A snake dropped down from above my head as I walked out of the office.  It was skinny and black.  It made me squeal.  I'm sorry, but I don't seem to be able to stand quietly and let them crawl away as I have been instructed.  John says it is a green tree snake...even though it's black.  He says it was dark green.  I don't know whether to believe him or not.

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00....Very rarely, if ever, do we use heat for a compress.  You use cold, as it comes from the tap.  Never use ice.

If you put a compress on any part of the body other than the abdomen, you must also use a compress on the abdomen.  Otherwise, all the problems you have will be drawn to the compress and make your problem worse.

An ulcer is local elimination of poison.  It is not systemic.

A weak voice is indicative of low vitality.

Varicosity can be improved with the Nature Cure lifestyle.  Varicosity is caused by malnutrition in that area.  It could be toxemia in a certain area that prevents nutrients getting to that area.  Treating only the effect makes it worse.  The cause is always the lifestyle...wrong food, or wrong habits of living...worry, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Eddie came by before dinner.  He made us a seed cheese, some feta cheese from raw cow's milk, and a bottle of whey.  The seed cheese and feta were very nice.  I passed on the whey.  I bought 2 kilos of raw pistachio's from him for $25.00.

Dinner was tomato, cucumber, avocado, seed cheese, feta, and sauerkraut.

I borrowed John's book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview of the New Physics by Gary Zukar.

Tonight I read and ate pistachios.  What a treat!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Cast Down But Not Destroyed

Last night I fell asleep at 7:30 with my light on.  I got up at 12:30 and turned off the light.  Then I got up at 5:30 thirsty and with a slight head-ache....but I got to feeling good right away.  I read seven of my Bible chapters first thing.

My Mom is out of ICU and in a regular room.  Word is she is doing better and is fussing at the staff.  Maybe she will get to go home in a couple of days.

I mowed grass today from 7:50 until 10:30.  I picked up yellow sapotes that had fallen off the tree.

While mowing, I thought about a song we sing at church. I was reminded of this song when I saw where the little yellow flowers I mowed down yesterday were already back again.  I also thought about the lyrics in connection with my Mom's latest struggle with pneumonia.

Now to thy praise, eternal King be all my thoughts employed, While of this precious truth I sing, cast down but not destroyed......Oft the united powers of hell my soul has sore annoyed, And yet I live this truth to tell, cast down but not destroyed....In all the paths through which I've passed what mercies I've enjoyed, And this shall be my song at last, cast down but not destroyed....When I with God in heaven appear there I shall him adore, Destroyed shall be my sin and fear and I cast down no more.

The kookaburra came out to watch me mow again.  He got a few treats.

John and I prepared lunch.  Ian joined us to eat.  Lunch was papaya, avocado, banana with macadamia nut spread, sapadilla, mango, purple star apple, young coconut water, young coconut meat, and grated coconut.

No word about Mom after lunch.  I sent John my room and board for November via PayPal.  I knitted a little bit on Ken's cap.  I'm trying to make my tension a little tighter so the cap won't be so darn big.    I read two more Bible chapters.

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00....Limit your intake of any commercially grown citrus.  It will never ripen.  Only organically grown citrus will ripen.

Eat fresh and raw only.  Fresh and raw require the least amount of energy for the body to digest...leaving more energy for healing and regeneration.

The natural cellular action of the body in every phase is to move towards homeostasis...balance...which is health.  This is going on all the time.  But if the body is having to deal with waste matter just to keep you alive, it doesn't have the energy available to regenerate.

A fire requires a good draft.  To enable the blood and lymph to flow through the body as it should requires activity.  Lymph action becomes less when you are sleeping or inactive.  Exercise and deep breathing enable that action to take place.  Leg muscles are your second heart.  All of our cellular structure is being bathed in mucous as it comes in to carry away waste.  Lymph, venous blood, and the mucous membranes work to eliminate waste.  If you are not active, this stream will slow down and waste accumulates.

If you don't get enough sunlight then you are not able to metabolize properly the foods you are eating.

Worry, anger and fear activate the adrenal glands.  This shortens your life based on how much you activate them.  If the body is dealing with emotional problems, it withdraws its ability to properly handle digestion and other functions.

Fasting 18 hours per day allows your body to best metabolize the food.  Only eat between noon and 6:00 p.m.

Purchased vitamins are a minor drug.  Vitamin C is ascorbic acid.  Problem is, ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C.  We don't know what vitamin C is.  Same thing for the other vitamins.  We only know what we think the chemical equivalent of the vitamins are.  Fruits, vegetables, sunlight, etc. are complete and non-harmful sources of vitamins.

A tumor is an accumulation of toxic waste matter.  If you don't stop doing what caused the accumulation, the problem gets worse.  Medicine never deals with the cause.  It only deals with the effect.  Addressing the cause always requires addressing the lifestyle.

I practiced the flute, then finished my Bible chapters.  My Natural Hygiene lesson in the Philosophy of Nature Cure is about the treatment of chronic disease (part two).

Supper was tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and a date.  We had jackfruit for dessert.  It tastes like bubblegum, and you can not chew it up.  You just have to swallow it.  You have to use olive oil to get it off your hands, because water will not take it off.  Not my favorite.
The question at the dinner table ....What is love?  My final answer was that love is a commitment to someone for their good.  I know that doesn't touch the surface of all that love is, but it is a start.  We all agreed that to truly love someone you must be a whole person in your own right and not be "needy".

Ian and I watched a Dan McDonald video on Starting a Raw Food Diet.  I showed Ian pictures on my Facebook of John's visit to my house last May and a video I made of Travis and me driving to Old Union.

I was surprised tonight with trick or treaters!  Halloween is not celebrated much in Australia.  Tina brought her two kids and four other kids from the neighborhood by to trick or treat.  I didn't have any candy, but I gave each child a package of kangaroo tattoos.  They liked them!  They were headed up to John's house next.  Maybe he gave them bananas.

To health and happiness.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skyping Mom

I got up at 4:00 and read my eleven chapters in the Bible.  At 6:00 I went to the computer to check on Mom.  Good news!  My brother posted that they had removed the Bipap machine, her oxygen levels were good, she was fussing, and eating like a little pig.

Travis used his iphone to let me talk to Mom on Skype.  She still looks pretty weak to me, but everyone says she is much better.  It was good to see her, and she was glad to see me.  She said, "You are my darling girl".  I said, "You are my darling Momma".  Bro. Adam, our pastor, was there during the Skype call so I got to see him, too.  I got to be there via Skype while he knelt beside her bed and prayed.  So precious!

More bad news from Arkansas.  My friend, Mary, fell and broke her ankle.  She had surgery to fix it up and will be hobbling around all winter.  Total bummer.  Here's hoping for a speedy and perfect healing.

Qantas Airlines has grounded all their flights due to a labor dispute.  It's a good thing I am not having to get home to Arkansas today  I would be stranded.  God's mercies are new every morning.

I mowed grass today from 8:00 until 11:30.  Ian helped John feed trees.  After cleaning up, we had a wonderful lunch of papaya, avocado, yellow sapote, mango, banana with macadamia nut spread, young coconut water, young coconut meat, and grated coconut.  I was so full!

No news from Mom after lunch.  I trust she is still improving.

I typed my Pediatrics lesson on childhood diseases and sent it to John.  In Nature Cure, we treat the childhood diseases with fasting until the crisis is over.  Break the fast with fruit juice for a couple of days, then fruit for a day or so, then gradually back to regular Nature Cure diet.

We consulted with Ian at 2:00.  ...You must find the best food possible.  It needs to organically grown, if possible, but it also needs to be grown by growers who take care of their soil. Not all organic growers properly care for their soil.  The best answer is to grow you own food when you can.

The fact that you have a gut indicates that you are not in a very healthy state.  You don't have to look any further.  A gut indicates mal-nourishment...either not enough food as in third world countries...or too much food that has had the nutrients processed out of it as in the Western world.

It does not matter how much you sleep as long as you rest when you are tired.  Rest includes quieting the chattering mind.

Mushrooms are okay to add to salads.

Mom is still in ICU.  She is breathing on her own, but she is still on a dopamine drip to keep her blood pressure up.  I sure hope and pray she continues to improve.  God love her.

I started another knitted cap.  This one will be for my son-in-law, Ken.  I will probably do my son, Crockett, another one.  The first one I made him is pretty big.  LOL.

Supper was tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.

I listened to a Bruce Lipton DVD about The Biology of Transformation while I knitted on Ken's cap.

To health and happiness.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh So Worried

I heard John drive off this morning at 4:00 a.m., but I slept good up until 6:00.  I started reading my Bible readings but felt compelled to stop and go check on my Mom.  My heart sank as I saw where Bro. Lanny from my church had sent out an email asking for prayer for Mom.  The messages from my husband, sister, niece, and brother did not look good.  The doctor did not hold out much hope that she would make it through the day.  At this point, I began to seriously consider getting a flight home.  I talked to Travis on Skype, but he could not really tell me what to do.  John's DIL, Tina, came over and gave me a cuddle and encouraged me to go on home.

When John came in from Cairns, I told him I thought I needed to go home.  We began to consider the options.  I have a return ticket for December 17th.  Perhaps I could move the date on that ticket up....Option 1.  Or I could by a new round trip ticket and plan on coming back here in a couple of weeks...Option 2.  Well, option 1 required that I call American Airlines here in Australia and believe it or not they will not be in the office until Monday morning.  Option 2.  I checked prices on-line and they were sky high and there were no seats available for several days.  I called John's travel agency, Flight Centre, and they found a flight for tomorrow for $4200.  That is very expensive.

I read a little more in my Bible chapters and cleaned out my Lugable Loo while waiting for more news.

Lunch today was watermelon, yellow sapote, avocado, banana with macadamia nut spread, young coconut, and grated coconut.

I spent the whole day checking on Mom on Facebook, trying to finish my Bible chapters, and thinking about and praying for Mom.

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00.  Every surgery limits more and more of your function.  The effects of injury are permanent.  They are there for the rest of your life.

Ian has been reading about our champion, Antoine Bechamp, the discoverer of the microzyma.

Once we change the internal milieu so the organ can function as it should, so-called "miracles" happen.  The body can heal itself beyond the wildest expectations.  Regeneration is possible.

The medical care of children is becoming more and more horrific as time goes by.

Leche League is a league to support breast feeding women.

In the afternoon, the news got a little better about Mom.  She is still in ICU, but the doctor raised her odds of pulling through from 1-2% to being in her favor.  She is a trooper.  She wants to celebrate Christmas with us, and she wants to go to the Grand Canyon with my niece, Bridget.  I'm still waiting to decide on what I need to do.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.  The guys have three dates.  I just can not eat that many, usually.

One last check on Mom before bed.  My sister said she was better....better enough that she decided to go home and rest.  The hospital assured her they would call if there was any change.  I am hoping and praying there will be good news in the morning.

I finished my Bible chapters and finished CHH's cap.

Ian and I found six baby watermelons on the melon vines tonight.

To health and happiness.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Worried About Mom

The alarm went off at 3:30 so we could go to Cairns today.  Ian went with us this time.

First stop was Rusty's Market.  John bought papaya, sapadillas, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, avocados, oranges, and two watermelons.

Next stop was the radio station.  I got to use one of the computers to check on things at home.  I'm worried about my ninety-year-old Mom.  She has pneumonia and, of course, is being treated with traditional medicine...just the opposite of Nature Cure.  She has lived her whole life with medical care, though.  She is being given high-powered anti-biotics and kept in the hospital.  I am praying she will pull through, and we will have a wonderful Christmas together.

Most people view infection as an enemy to be killed.  In Nature Cure we see it as beneficial...come to clean up the morbid matter that robs our vitality.  Once the lifestyle is changed to stop causing the accumulation of toxins there is no problem with infection.  Mom, at 90, is full of morbid matter.  Her feet and legs are very swollen, her stomach is large....but I would not try to get her to cleanse at this stage of life.   It would take great faith to walk away from what she has always believed....and what most everyone else believes...and trust the process of the body.  She is such a fighter and has rallied time after time when others counted her out.  I would love to see what she would be like at 90 had she known the laws of nature all her life and followed them.  She would be a humdinger, I imagine.

Ian and I had to stop at the ATM for cash.  Then we went back to Rusty's Market and John bought us those fabulous sugar cane drinks.  John bought some coconuts to take home, too.

We went to the co-op where John spent $100 for pecans and dates.  Pecans are expensive here...twice the price of almonds.  John likes pecans better than almonds, though.

I mailed a package of my things home today...$160.00  Way too expensive.  But I mailed it anyway.  I already had it boxed up and ready to go.  It will save more room in my suitcase for little gifts to take home.

I went to the souvenir shop and bought some little koala bears, kangaroo tattoos, book marks, and caps.  My debit card was declined in the shop.  I walked outside and used it in the ATM and it worked fine.

Last stop was the laundry.  Then we headed back over the mountain to the farm.  Ian and I helped John put up the groceries.  Lunch was watermelon, avocado, and grated coconut.

My sister posted on Facebook that my husband, daughter and family went to visit Mom at the hospital.  They took her treats and she gave treats to the kids for Halloween.  It sounds like they all enjoyed being together.

Eddie went home this morning.  Ian's consultation was at 2:00.  Enemas/coffee enemas are not needed during fasting.  When the body needs a bowel movement, it will have one.  Only in extreme cases will an enema be needed.

Always remember that thirst is felt in the mouth and so is hunger.  Most people have never felt hunger.  The rumblings in the tummy have nothing to do with hunger.

Refined grains and sugars are in a chemically unstable state.  When you take them into your body, they begin to leach from your body the things needed to put them back into a stable state as much as possible.  This sets you up for the degenerative conditions so prevalent in our society.

In Ian's situation, he should never eat in a Chinese restaurant.  Ian can't afford to play around.  All Chinese restaurants use MSG.

A medical analysis is an analysis of disease.  They treat the disease.  We don't treat disease in Nature Cure.  We see the disease as the process by which the body is healing itself.  John recommended a book to read:  Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert Mendelsohn.  He says all of Robert Mendelsohn's books are worth reading.

In my own situation, I can remember when I was able to stop being afraid of my illness.  That was a turning point.  In fact, it is good to be thankful for the illness.  It is good to be on the positive side of things.  It helps to rephrase all the medical terminology we are subjected to into our terminology.

I read my Bible chapters this afternoon.  I worked on my flute.  Those high notes are giving me fits!  By high notes I mean F#, G, and A.  Do they go higher than that?  I studied my Natural Hygiene lesson on childhood diseases.  Dinner tonight was tomato, avocado, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.

I am pro-life.  I get uncomfortable when people talk about euthanasia.  The argument that we put down animals as a kindness, but fail to do the same for people is not convincing in the least.  If animals, in fact, have an advanced consciousness then we should not put them down, either.  In Viktor Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning, he makes the point that it is not all about what we can get out of life.  Sometimes it is about what life is asking from us.  So we should "man up" and be ready to live out our days with integrity all the way to the end without "checking out" because it is not fun anymore.  From a political viewpoint, laws on euthanasia will open up a whole kettle of fish regarding human rights and the sanctity of life.  Soon it would be the medical profession and the family members making the decision on whether this life is "worth" saving or not.

Societies benefit from the wisdom of its elders.  That is why it is such a shame to see our culture become one that practically ensures a weak and dependent old age.  What a blessing if we lived according to the laws of nature and could reach old age with a clear mind, a strong step, a firm handshake, and a willingness to lead.  That would make a stronger society than one lead by pampered or angry youth.  For a bright future for our nation, churches, and institutions we need to stop killing ourselves with our forks and our sedentary lifestyles.  The laws of nature and the laws of God go hand in hand.  Caleb, in the Bible, wholly followed the Lord.  At age 85 he was as strong as he was at age 45.

I knitted on the cap a little while after dinner.  I went to bed at 8:00.   Many prayers going up for my Mom.

To health and happiness.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I woke up at 1:30, turned on my light and read awhile.  I'm reading Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly.  I went back to sleep and slept until 6:00.

When I checked emails and Facebook I found out from Sheila, my sister, that Mom fell and was transported to the hospital. 

I got a sweet message from DIL, Amy.  We are missing you, too!

My job today was mowing grass.  It's such good exercise, but my arms are still flabby.  Grand-daughter, Ashlyn, is concerned about my flabby arms.  Any suggestions on how to make arms look younger will be appreciated.  The grass looks nice, though.  Ian helped John feed trees.

I had a chat with Eddie about chronic fatigue syndrome.  It is such a debilitating sickness...totally curable with Nature Cure...but hard to convince people that change of lifestyle will make such a huge difference.

I got another muddy shower, then helped John prepare lunch.  I got three letters in the mail.  Happy Day!   Two from friend, Theresa, and one from grand-daughter, Ashlyn.  Ashlyn said Cool + Awesome + Excellent = Coolawesolent.   I think she is coolawesolent!

Lunch was papaya, star apples, sapadilla, avocado, yellow sapote, banana with macadamia nut spread, and grated coconut.

I read my Bible chapters.  I slept too late to read them this morning, so I read them after lunch.

We had consultation with Eddie at 2:00....Sauerkraut is the best thing to use for stomach acidity problems, better than hydrochloric acid or other remedies...Grains prohibit the absorption of some minerals.  If you want to avoid cavities in your teeth, avoid grains...Cold sitz baths can help chronic fatigue.  A person with chronic fatigue is not digesting their food properly.

We met with Ian next....Don't blend avocado or oil in the blender.  It breaks down the fat globules until they are so small that they are absorbed into the gut at a stage of digestion when it is harmful.  It is okay to mash them and blend them with a fork...just don't whirl them in the blender or food processor...Arthritis is the accumulation of waste matter in the joints.  As you eliminate the waste, the arthritis leaves...All vegetables are herbs.  Some are edible herbs and some are medicinal herbs.  Some herbs, such as parsley, can be considered edible and medicinal.  In Nature Cure we do not use medicinal herbs.  It is okay to eat the edible herbs in their whole form.  But don't use them to make something you don't like edible....Garlic is a no-no straight across the board...Ginger is also to be avoided.  Ginger is suppressive of the function of the digestive system.  Thus it gives the impression that it is calming down your digestion.  The relief of symptoms comes at a price.

More messages from home indicate that my Mom has been admitted to the hospital. She has bronchitis and is not doing so well.  I am worried about her.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, avocado, pecans and a date.

I changed the sheets on my bed and got everything ready to go to Cairns tomorrow.  I have a box of my clothes and other things ready to mail home.

To health and happiness.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Planted Corn

I got up at 5:00 to read my Bible chapters.

Travis called me on Skype, so I got to visit with my hubby.  It seems all is well at home.  He's going to get Magic Springs passes Sunday for 2012 for all the Arkansas family.  What fun!

My son, Crockett, had a raw food breakfast and posted a picture on Facebook.  I am one proud Mama.

I planted corn today.  One seed of corn was planted between each pineapple in the pineapple bed.  The corn will grow tall and the pineapples will grow down below.  Maybe I can try this in my little garden at home.  The only corn safe to eat is organic or what you grow yourself.  Most corn in the United States is GMO.  The corn I planted today should be ready to harvest in 100 days.  I won't be here to enjoy it.  I leave for home in 51 more days.

We had a water problem this morning in the shower/toilets.  For the last few days the water has been muddy brown and flowing in a trickle.  Today it stopped flowing at all.  John had to work on it....it's patched up but not fixed.  I believe the problem is that the uptake valve on the pump at the river got washed away during the rain.   But whatever he did, the water is flowing really good for the time being.  It is still brown and smells muddy, though.  I took a shower and washed my hair in muddy water.  I guess I could go to the river...the water there is clear....but it is so cold!

I helped John put much around two trees.  I asked John why we put the amount of much we do around his trees, while Eddie says to put it on a foot thick.  John says it depends on your resources.  If you have lots of water and plenty of mulch, then you can put it on thick.  If you don't have the money to buy so much mulch, then you put on less.  Less mulch also enables your limited water supply to get to the tree easier.

Lunch was awesome!  Eddie came to the kitchen and ate with us.  We had papaya, avocado, yellow sapote, sapadilla, purple star apple, banana with macadamia nut spread, grated coconut in coconut water, and young coconut meat.

I practiced the flute and then knitted on CHH's cap.

We met with Eddie at 2:00.  One of the topics of discussion was the dental arch and the removal of children's wisdom teeth.  Eddie has heard of a treatment where they can widen the dental arch enough to allow room for the wisdom teeth.  The removal of wisdom teeth reduces one's chewing capacity by 20-30%.  Another concern is the indiscriminate use of braces on young kids.  The teeth are connected to the internal organs.  The whole body is affected by these dental procedures.

The body can heal from cataracts.  John's father returned from the war with one eye, one lung, and a body full of shrapnel.  At age 67 he developed cataracts in his only eye and lung cancer in his only lung.  Up until that time he thought that what John taught about a healthy lifestyle was off the planet.  But at this time he made an immediate and total change to the diet and lifestyle that John teaches...completely in harmony with Nature Cure.  His good eye completely healed of cataracts and he lived another twelve years.

We consulted with Ian.  John answered many questions for him.  John recommended he read a book about quantum physics called Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukov.

I played on the computer until supper time.  Eddie sent me the recipe for seed cheese.  I plan to make it when I get home.  Here is the link to the recipe.  

Supper was tomato, avocado, cucumber, sauerkraut, radish, parsley, pecans and a date.  All four of us had dinner together....John, Ian, Eddie, and me.

Ian, Eddie and me sat outside our cabins and visited until after dark.  After I went inside, I knitted on the cap and read.

To health and happiness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missed Appointment

I slept ten hours!  I got up at 7:00, so I only read two chapters in the Bible before heading over to get on the computer.  I had an appointment to Skype with my Mom at 7:30 my time.  I checked Facebook and emails while waiting on the call.  At 8:30, I gave up and went to mow.

I mowed for two hours this morning, including around the melons and some of the fruit trees.  At 10:30, I went back to the office to see if I could still catch Mom on Skype, but it was too late.  Molly had left to take her home, Travis had gone home, too.  I got to talk to SIL, Ken, and grand-daughter, Ashlyn.  Also, said hello to grandsons, Zac and Braeden.  Ken and his dad played golf with Travis today.  They had fun.

John had lunch prepared by the time I got back to the kitchen.  Lunch was papaya, avocado, custard apple, sapadilla (aka chico-chico), yellow sapote, banana with macadamia nut spread, and grated coconut.

After lunch, I finished my Bible chapters.  I read twelve chapters today so I could finish Lamentations.

We met with Eddie at 2:00.  Fat soluble vitamin D is available to us from dairy and organ meats.  I don't want to eat raw organ meats, but I would love to find a source for raw, unpasteurized dairy products.  I am going to check out Stony Acres in Bauxite.  They sell raw goat's milk.  I'll have to learn how to make butter and yogurt and cheese.  I wish we could buy raw cow's milk, but the Arkansas legislature thinks they have power over the individual on what foods they should eat.

Consultation with Ian followed.  Itchy feet and legs can be caused during detox by toxins settling in the lower extremities due to gravity.... Any thickening of any part of the body....neck, fingers, etc., is because of the accumulation of waste that is not being properly eliminated.... People with pumped up muscles are suffering from a pathological condition.  They can lift weights, but they can not work as much as a smaller, healthier person....How much oil?  In the tropics, you don't need any oil.  In cooler climates you will use more oil.  You will need more vegetable oils and animal products in cooler climates.  Use a good organic, cold pressed olive oil....It is very good to eat sunflower and buckwheat sprouts.  These sprouts are grown in trays in dirt.  You harvest them by cutting off the tops and stems and eating them.....Cactus is a good food....Always feel free to mono-eat.  If the peaches are in season and they are wonderful, then you can eat only peaches for several days if you so desire.  The same would go with any other fruit or vegetable you might decide to eat.  Mono-eating gives your digestive tract a little rest, too.

I studied my Natural Hygiene lesson on Pediatrics - Childhood diseases.  In Nature Cure we would treat those diseases with fasting and rest.

Ian and I walked around the property, and I showed him where the trees are planted.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.

Ian is an artist.  He plans to scope out a good subject tomorrow for a water color.

Eddie gave me his recipe for seed cheese, and I saved it as a word document.  But today...it's not there.  I'll have to get it again.

I knitted on CHH's cap and read.

To health and happiness.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning How

I slept until 5:30.  I read my ten Bible chapters.  I have 560 more chapters to read and 53 days to read them.  It looks like I need to read eleven chapters a day, doesn't it?  Since one of the books I am reading in is Psalms, I can start reading three Psalms a day instead of two.

I checked emails and Facebook this morning.  My first job today was mowing.  I mowed until the mower ran out of gas.  Then I swept the porch at the dining room, weeded the melons, and helped John mulch one of the trees.

Ian walked for two hours this morning.  That's great!

John and I prepared lunch then got cleaned up for lunch.  For lunch, Eddie had 1/2 of a papaya as his introduction back into eating.  The rest of us had papaya, banana with macadamia spread, avocado, sapadilla, star apples, and grated coconut.

John went to Mareeba to take one of his lawn mowers and his weed-eater.  The lawn mower lost a wheel and needs some other adjustments, the weed-eater won't start.  He dropped them off at Honda for repair.  I went along for the ride.

I heard from my sister, Sheila, on Facebook message today.  She has lots going on in her life.  It was good to hear from her.

We had consultation with Eddie.  Eddie asked John about using spiralina.  John says you are better off eating greens from your garden or from the organic market.  Eddie found the fast to have many benefits for gaining clarity on questions that were on his heart.  He is ready to incorporate some of these insights into his life.  I remember reading how in the U.S. in years past we had leaders who would pray and fast before making decisions.

We had another long session with Ian.  John advised him against using any alcohol at all.  Also, he advised against using any grains.

Ian, Eddie, and I visited outside the cabins in the afternoon.  Ian has many questions about the lifestyle.  John is trying to impress upon Ian that in his condition he has to be squeaky clean.  Eddie and I were trying to re-enforce that and give him ideas on how he can live that way and enjoy his life at the same time.

I can't spend so much time chatting if I am going to have time to study my lessons and practice my flute.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and dates.

I finished listening to the Eric Pearl DVD and started on a Bruce Lipton DVD...while knitting on the cap.

To health and happiness.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ian's Consultation

I slept until 6:00.  Imagine that!  I started the day by reading my Bible chapters.

I ran the mower today from 8:00 until 10:30.  When the mower ran out of gas, I  quit.  I swept the porch around the dining room after I put up the mower.  John prepared lunch, and I fixed Eddie's mandarin juice.

I took Eddie his juice, then got my shower.  John went for his daily dip in the river.  On his way back from the river he always walks by the cabin and shouts out, "Lunch in five".  I was here about three weeks before I figured out what he was saying.

Ian was nowhere to be found when it was time for lunch.  I looked in his cabin and in the office.  We decided to ring the bell up at the dining room and finally he came running down the hill from Jonathon's house

Lunch was delicious.  The food has tasted so good to me for the last couple of days!  We had grated coconut, custard apple, avocado, papaya, banana with macadamia nut spread, and sapadilla.  Ian was full of questions about the diet and lifestyle.

After lunch I checked emails and Facebook.  Not much from home today, so I played a couple of games of Mahjong Titans.

Consultation with Eddie was at 2:00.  Then we met with Ian for a very long consultation.  Ian is new to Nature Cure and has lots to learn and unlearn.  He is "building his house during the storm" so to speak.

Little things that came up during the consultation:
Your body can not digest anything that is more than 1 degree below body temperature.  Everything you eat should be body temperature but less than 105 degrees.

Don't live by an electric transformer.

Flouride is a deadly poison.  Don't use it.  It is a by-product of the aluminum industry, the fertilizer industry, and in the manufacture of high explosives.  It is used in rat poison.

Von Liebig's Law of the Minimum:  A plant's growth is limited by the least available nutrient in the soil.

Alcohol is a protoplasmic poison and we are protoplasm.

I practiced my flute.  It sounded awful as I am trying to learn to play high F, G, and A.

Supper was delicious.  We had the usual tomatoes, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and dates.  Ian also had some celery from the garden.

Ian and I visited at the cabins about some of the ways he can incorporate the simple, natural lifestyle while living in an apartment in Sydney.  I suggested he find some markets where he can enjoy shopping for organic fruits and veggies; have lunches of ripe fruits and nuts; have salad dinners with sauerkraut, nuts and dates; find somewhere to exercise...maybe a Tai Chi class; find a church he can enjoy going to; pray; walk; be outside in the sun and fresh air as much as possible.

I watched some of the Eric Pearl DVD in the Living the Field The Biology of Transformation set while I knitted.  Then I read a little while.

To health and happiness.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ian's Arrival

John left for Cairns at 4:00 a.m.   I heard him when he drove off.  I felt sick to my stomach when I woke up.  Too many brazil nuts, maybe.  At 6:00, I got up to do my Bible readings.  At 8:00 I got up and dressed.

Travis called me on Skype this morning.  He told me about all the wonderful treasures he has found for me to sell on Ebay when I get home.

Eddie came over to the office trying to talk me into bringing him a juice, but it was time for John to get back home so he had to wait.

I cleaned my room and cleaned the Lugable Loo.

Eddie got his cup of mandarin juice to break his fast.  He was given a small spoon to help him keep from taking it in too fast.  My lunch was avocado, banana with macadamia nut spread, young coconut, and watermelon.  After lunch, I straightened the kitchen.

I'm wondering about the media blitz to convince people that Steve Jobs died because he did some alternative treatments for his cancer in addition to some traditional treatments.  I think it is just to frighten people into accepting their viewpoints and to make them afraid to seek alternative cancer treatments.  Steve Jobs lived eight years with pancreatic cancer using some alternatives and some traditional....seven years longer than pancreatic cancer patients using traditional treatments.  Here's to Steve Jobs for thinking outside the box in this as he did in everything else.  Today for the first time I heard he didn't REALLY have pancreatic cancer.  The story keeps changing to fit their agenda.  From my point of view, I'd say he lived at least as long as he would have with traditional treatment only, plus possibly he would have lived even longer had he done more Nature Cure and less surgery.  Steve Jobs was a long way from being pure Nature Cure.

 I practiced my flute for a little while.  Then we had consultations at 2:00.  Eddie asked about his knees that have given him problems for years with swelling and pain from time to time.  Explanation - Wherever the body's weakest point is located is where the toxins that the body is retaining will be stored.  The primary problem may be somewhere else other than the knees, but the toxins go to the knees....if the knees are the weakest point.  If one were to have surgery on the knee, then the body would still have to deal with the primary problem plus the effects of the surgery.  It is much better to treat the whole person with healthy lifestyle and living foods.

We had supper early at 3:00 because John had to go back to Cairns International Airport to pick up the new client.  Supper was tomato, avocado, sauerkraut, and nuts.  I cleaned the kitchen after supper.  I made Eddie his mandarin juice and served it to him at 5:00.

John arrived back with the new client, Ian.  Ian was put in the cabin we prepared for him.  Ian is a 54 year old man from Sydney who has prostrate cancer.  He will be here two or three weeks.

I watched the Dr. Rupert Sheldrake video and knitted on my son's cap.  Dr. Rupert Sheldrake reminds me of someone, but I can't figure out who.  It's bugging me.

To health and happiness.