Monday, April 16, 2012

The Lou Corona Story

Yesterday, we went to Magic Springs with our daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.  The landscaping there is beautiful this year.  This one little flower didn't let a little concrete stop it.    

Lunch today was three bananas which I ate about 1:30.  I'm letting my body rest a little bit after eating too much food the last couple of days.

 I did domestic chores today.  But Travis made a trip to the City Compost Facility for another load of compost.  We'll use it on the trees we still have left to plant.
We have a volunteer tomato plant coming up in one of the garden beds.  It's doing pretty well, too.  I have it on my to do list to buy some more tomato cages.

The arugula I planted is up.

The kale Travis planted is up.

The new plum tree is planted.

Here is a volunteer Poke Salat that came with the blueberry plant.
 Travis planted some more blueberries in the blueberry row that lines our driveway.

The blueberry row.
I listened to the Lou Corona story on You Tube.  Here is the link.

The Lou Corona story has similarities with my own story.  Lou Corona was a young man serving in the Air Force when his  health began to decline.  He ended up very ill in the hospital before it was over.  Here is the steps that correspond with my own experience.

Seek an answer in prayer.  Lou and I both walked away from the hospital with an expectation of being taught what to do.

There was an element of surrender.  Lou said, "You take me or you show me."  I said, "Either God is going to heal me, or I am going to die."

There was a place of decision.  In order to get well, you have to decide to live.  It requires changing the way you think and being willing to be shown the way to live.

Being grateful goes along with surrender.  Be thankful for every single day.

Connect with a mentor.  In my case, I was led to Dr. John Fielder.  I continue to learn from him.  He is a wonderful role model for the simple, natural lifestyle.

Live the lifestyle of raw foods, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, peaceful attitude, and prayer.

"I am a seeker of truth.  I was given the truth, and I'm doing my best to live by it."  -Lou Corona

To health and happiness.

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