Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Goody Balls and Fudge

Today I made fudge for the holidays using walnuts and coconut.  Here is the recipe:

Walnut Coconut Fudge

3 cups walnuts ground in food processor
2 cups coconut
1/2 cup carob
5/8 cup of agave nector

Mix all together in the food processor then spread in pan and refrigerate.

Walnut Coconut Fudge
Lunch today was green smoothies made with collard greens, grapes, dates, cranberries, bananas and water.  Travis and I also split a red pear, an organic apple, and an avocado.  I had fresh coconut, too.

Goody Balls
I made goody balls today, too.  It takes about two hours to make a batch of goody balls.  I have given the recipe for goody balls before, but here it is again.  This is one of our staples.  They are perfect for traveling, meal replacements, or for finishing off the fruit or salad meals.

Goody Balls
500 gms sesame seeds
500 gms sunflower seeds
250 gms almonds
250 gms pumpkin seeds
Grind each of the above in the food processor and put into a large container to mix together.  I use a large blue tub to mix all the ingredients together.

500 gms raisins
500 gms sultanas
500 gms currants
500 gms dates (remove the pits)
500 gms dried peaches or other fruit (Today I used dried cherries)
Mix the seeds and fruit together in the big tub and then put through a meat grinder.  Roll into table tennis size balls.  Makes about 100-120 goody balls.

Ground seeds and nuts and dried fruits mixed together in a big blue tub.

Goody Balls going through the meat grinder.

Here I am making goody balls.

Goody ball mix ready to make into balls.

Finished goody balls 
My natural hygiene lesson is a supplemental lesson in pediatrics about non-contagious childhood diseases.

For supper I had a salad made with romaine, mung bean sprouts, radishes, mushrooms, green onions, cherry tomatoes, oil and vinegar dressing.  Also, had a little sauerkraut, an avocado, a little raw milk cheese, and a goodie ball.

Non-raw foods I had today were peppermint tea and some cocoa flavored almonds.

To health and happiness.

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