Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sauerkraut is Good For You

Lunch yesterday was the juice of four oranges and an orange.  I felt good after the fast, but still weak.  I was dreading driving into Hot Springs for my flute lesson, so it was a relief when Travis volunteered to drive me.  I had a really good lesson which was surprising since I didn't practice very much last week.  Travis went to the mall while I had my lesson.

We went to Kroger on the way home to see what organics they had in stock.  We got cucumbers, zucchini, grapefruit, portabella mushrooms, beets, celery, romaine, carrots, and lemons.  We also got some prepared organic food...veggie burgers, crackers, chili, and vegetable soup.  And we got some chocolate chip cookie dough to take to church....special request from one of the children at church.

For dinner, I had watermelon and orange juice.  Travis fixed himself some organic vegetarian chili with organic stoneground wheat crackers.

It's citrus season!  Oranges, grapefruit, and lemons.
 Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage.  Dr. Fielder recommended back in 2008 that I make it a regular part of my diet.  He, himself, eats it every day.  Our bodies need salt, but not in the crystallized form.  We need the mineral salts in our fresh foods.  However, the salt found in sauerkraut is easily digestible and beneficial for us to eat it.  Sauerkraut is nutritious and is good for digestive problems.  It contains live enzymes in abundance.  It only takes a couple of tablespoons to get all enzymes you need.  It is a good food for the winter when not so many fresh fruits and vegetables are available.  It may also be beneficial for cancer patients.
My favorite brand of sauerkraut is Bubbies.
 The only commercial sauerkrauts to buy are those that come in a glass jar with only cabbage and salt in the ingredients list.  Some will also have water as an ingredient.  That is okay.  I like it better when it has a lot of liquid in it.  Kraut will keep up to a year in the refrigerator if you keep the cabbage pushed down into the brine and use clean utensils.
The ingredients for Bubbies sauerkraut....cabbage, artesian well water, salt.
I have used several brands in the past.  A local grocery store carries Gundelsheim which is convenient.  I like Eden Foods brand, and that is one that Dr. Fielder uses sometimes, too.  My hands down favorite at the present is Bubbies which Whole Foods carries.  My friend, Linda, introduced it to me at one of our raw food potlucks.  It's really tangy, and I really like it!
Enjoying Bubbies sauerkraut for dinner.
To health and happiness.

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