Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy Summer

For some reason, the summer completely got away from me.  I went to the beach in Florida and directly from the beach to Philadelphia with the family.  A couple of weeks later I went back to Philadelphia and stayed two weeks to help Harris and Amy get their house ready to move to San Francisco.  (I look forward to discovering the fruits and vegetables in the Bay area.)  I went to Shreveport and Dallas with Molly and Ashlyn to go back-to-school shopping.  Then I went to Las Vegas for the National Flute Convention.  I was able to get fresh foods in Philadelphia.  In Dallas we had a couple of meals at Whole Foods.  And in Las Vegas I caught a bus to a Whole Foods and had a meal and brought food back to my hotel room to get me through the convention.  Nevertheless, there was some eating in restaurants from time to time.

When I got home from Dallas, we had a wonderful three-day meeting at our church, but as soon as it was over I started to fast to let my body recover.  I had a head-ache when Dr. Fielder was here in May.  He told me it was time to fast....but I had no time.  This was the first time I had a block of time sufficient to see it through.  On Monday, I went on watermelon only for two days.  The reason for this was so I could go to my flute lesson and Flute Ensemble rehearsal on Tuesday.  Once I go on water only I'm not able to do much of anything.  Starting on Wednesday, I fasted on water only for six days under the supervision of Dr. John Fielder.   I should have fasted longer, but ....no more time.  I broke the fast yesterday with orange juice.  It was delicious.  Dr. Fielder gave me a pep talk on how important it is to avoid restaurants.  There is always a price to pay.  I do know that, but traveling with other people makes it more difficult...at least for me.

This is the first meal...the one to break the fast.
At lunch today, I had orange juice and an orange.  For dinner tonight I had watermelon and orange juice.  Tomorrow I will eat my normal diet.  I got rid of lots of toxins.  It was not pleasant, but better than taking medications.

Our raw food group had a good meeting in July.  The people that come are always so interesting and nice.  Just a fabulous group.
Here I am making lasagna for the raw food group.

Raw Food Lasagna

Travis made green smoothies for the raw food group.

Feasting on raw foods.  Great group.
Here's the recipe for the lasagna I made for the potluck.

2 zucchini, sliced thin with a vegetable parer
4 large tomatoes, sliced.
2 cucumbers, sliced thin with a vegetable parer.
1 small onion, sliced thin.
4 tbsp. olive oil.
Season with chopped basil, oregano, and sea salt.

Nut Cheese:
1 cup cashews or pine nuts, soaked for an hour or so
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp nutritional yeast
1/2 - 1 tsp sea salt
Add water as needed to get the consistency you want.  Blend all in the blender.

1.  Make the nut cheese.
2.  Assemble the sliced ingredients.
3.  Layer the sliced ingredients with dollops of the nut cheese.
4.  Season with the herbs and salt.
5.  Drizzle with the oil.

It was a big hit.  I plan to make it again.  Maybe I'll try leaving out the salt next time.

To health and happiness.

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