Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Biogenic Living

I have committed myself to live biogenically on an all raw food diet for 365 days.  Today is my 30th day.  I want to see how I feel and look at the end of that period.  Travis is taking my picture every day or two to help track the changes.

What exactly is biogenic living?  The course I study is called The Lifestyle Consultant's Course for Biogenic Living.  Biogenic living is much more than diet.  It is a whole lifestyle that helps us live our best life as an individual and as part of the world at large.  Living in harmony with the laws of nature enables us to improve ourselves and those within our sphere of influence.

We will feel better and function better as we conserve energy and absorb energy from every available source.  That is why the biogenic lifestyle teaches eating raw foods, sunbathing, resting when tired, sleeping with the windows open, going to bed early, walking barefoot outside on the earth, swimming in rivers and lakes, etc.

These things improve us as individuals, but they also bring us into balance with our environment and our community.  We improve the society at large as we improve ourselves.

The best way to improve ourselves it by absorbing all the the vital energies in nature that we can and by eliminating all the unnecessary and inferior things.  This improves us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The basics of the biogenic lifestyle are:
1.  Stay in contact with the forces of nature - sun, air, water, earth, and universe.
2.  Exercise...outside if possible.
3.  Eat a raw food diet.
4.  Fast when the body indicates it is ready to fast.  We don't advocate elective fasting.
5.  Practice right thinking.

When we eat only raw foods it gives us a cleaner, more efficient body that is better able to benefit from the energies available from the air, earth, and water.  When we live an unnatural life, our body is not a good conductor for the higher radiations that accumulate in the air, earth, and water.  The cleaner we are, the more we can benefit from them.

The biogenic lifestyle is looking for the whole package.  Many times people will take one of the components of a healthy lifestyle and preach it as the end-all and be-all for health.  Some people promote a special water, someone else advocates earthing,   another sunbathing.  But one part of the lifestyle is not the whole story.  We must have a complete practice.

All the factors work together to generate the results we want.  We know a seed requires light, soil, water, and right temperature in order to germinate and grow. All these forces work together.  The process for healing and health are the same.  We must take advantage of every law and force available to us if we want to restore our health.  Eating an optimum diet is absolutely necessary.  If we live in harmony with the natural law and also eat a natural diet, then health will return quickly.

A toxic system will not be healthy.  Rich people that can afford all sorts of expensive medical care can be just as toxic as the poorest of people. Medicines and artificial remedies never heal anyone.  All healing takes place by knowing natural law and looking at the big picture.

Dr. Fielder has stated many times that every disease is curable, but not every patient.  Living biogenically is not easy.  It requires we exercise our will and our intelligence to get through the time of detoxification and breaking of addictions.

Many times people don't understand the biogenic lifestyle as it does not address particular symptoms.  It takes a much broader approach and addresses the whole person.  People become afraid when they don't see immediate results.  Fear causes them to run back to their remedies for a quick fix. It takes understanding and courage to persevere.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to completely eliminate all unnatural and processed foods.  We can then reconstruct our bodies with new cells that have the vibrations we need to stay in balance. Living biogenically is simple and natural and brings faster results than any other method.

For my 365 days on all raw biogenic living, I am following the same protocol I would follow if I was at the Clohesy River Health Farm.

I am loving sleeping with the windows open and in total darkness (when the temperature is 40 degrees or above).   I am making my room as dark as possible, but here are two little lights on the Tivo that are still shining, though.

Dr. Fielder assures me that the best thing I can do for the spasms in my face is to continue to sleep in the cold compress.  It's hard to do, because the sheeting is so COLD when it is first applied to the skin. You make a cold compress by dipping a piece of cotton sheeting in water from the cold tap.  Wring it out and wrap it around your body from your navel to the middle of your thighs.  Then on top of that you wrap a nice warm wool blanket.  The compress warms up quite quickly.  You sleep in this for a few hours.  If you wake up during the night, it is okay to remove it.

A friend who is a massage therapist worked on my face today, too, trying to help me with the facial spasms.  She found all the sore spots and massaged them good to break up calcium deposits on the right side of my face.  I am wondering if these spasms are not the result of falling on the subway in London.  The spasms started about the same time.

We have had two days where the sun was shining and the temperature was 65 degrees or above.  That is my criteria for getting a sunbath.  So I have enjoyed two sunbaths during the month of February.  There is no sunbath likely for a week or two now, though.

Our raw foods group met for a potluck luncheon on the third Wednesday.  I made some very yummy lemon cookies, goody balls, a simple salad of romaine, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.  The dressing was lemon juice, flaxseed oil, and honey.  I served olives and grated cheese on the side.  I made a double batch of veggie cocktail and tropical green smoothies.  I also served organic corn and Bubbies sauerkraut.

There is a lot of discussion in our group about mineral supplementation.  Most of our group are using supplements.  The track I am on, though, is taking me on a different track.  I am looking for universal truth.  What will work in poor countries in Africa will also work here.  Most people in the world can not afford to spend $300 a month for supplementation, and I don't believe they have been left with an insufficient supply of minerals. I think more important than supplementation is to stop doing what's harming us. Everything essential...nothing in excess.

I have made an appointment with a holistic dentist in a town not far from where I live.  I have been going to the same dentist for many years, but he freaked me out last time when he put me in an x-ray machine that did a panoramic x-ray of my head.  I have a tooth that has gone bad.  I hope this holistic dentist can save it without it costing too much.

It was good to talk to Dr. Fielder on Skype.  I had a long list of questions, and he answered every one of them.  It is an encouragement to have someone to talk to that understands what I am trying to do.  The main things I took away from our conversation were:

1.  Over-eating and eating too fast can cause you to feel shortness of breath after you eat.  I need to slow down and eat less.
2.  Rain water is the best water to drink.  I have two huge covered tanks of rain water.  I think I'll drink some of it.  I also want to buy the Zero Water pitchers to filter drinking water from the tap.  I have decided to stop drinking the mineral water I have been drinking.
3.  It is okay to drink mint tea or lemongrass tea as long as they are not too hot.
4.  Don't eat peanuts.
5.  The only oils to use are organic cold pressed olive oil or flax seed oil.
6,  The various symptoms I feel are all healing symptoms.  It's all good.
7. When you increase activity it gets the lymphatic system moving which helps the body detox.  This can cause mucus to build up in the throat so that swallowing becomes difficult.  I need to continue with my running and yoga.
8.  Detoxing can cause arms and legs to ache.

Lemon Cookies

Linda and Pete enjoying green smoothie and veggie cocktail at the raw food potluck.

Katherine with a veggie cocktail.

Cindy and Erika.

Linda, Marsha, and Daisy at raw foods group.


Jerry has a pal in Lucy.


The party's over.

Lucy loves being outside.

Travis finishing off the bed after we planted collards, arugula, and pak choy.
To health and happiness.

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  1. AWESOME blog post Janice! Kudos to you for always striving for the best lifestyle possible! I'm interested to see how the next 335 days turn out. Thanks for blogging about this journey so the rest of us can share and encourage you in this :-) Also I hope to hear more about the holistic dental visit! GO TEAM JANICE!