Friday, April 13, 2012


Working in the garden is more fun than playing golf!  Today I planted arugula (rocket) in bed #2.  I transplanted five Rutgers tomato plants and six California Wonder peppers.
Newly planted tomatoes and peppers.

The harvest today was radishes, dandelion and kale.  We used the dandelion and kale in the green smoothies.  We ate a couple of radishes, but I am using the rest of them in the green salad I am taking to the family reunion.

Today's harvest...radishes, dandelion, and kale.
I read in the book, Anastasia, that every garden should have at least one sunflower, so I planted six or seven sunflower seeds in the corner of each of the raised beds. 

Travis got a good report from his doctor today.  Dr. Wright raised his eyebrows when he saw where Travis was no longer taking his drugs, but his tests results were all good and his blood pressure was 118/78.  Green smoothies, fresh air, sunshine and exercise are the best medicine!
Here is Travis watering in the peppers I planted.

Lunch today was green smoothie (kale, dandelion, honeydew, apple, dates, banana, kiwi, and water); watermelon; avocado; goody balls

Dinner was green salad (romaine, cucumber, mushroom, tomato); salad dressing (olive oil, apple cider vinegar, agave); sauerkraut; avocado; goody balls

Travis planted a plum tree this afternoon.

Here is a great recipe for Quick Quacomole.  I got it from Chef BeLive (Brian Lucas).

Quick Quacomole
1 avocado mashed up (1 avocado per person)
lemon juice
fresh cilantro
Stir up and serve with carrot chips.

Carrot Chips
Cut carrots at an angle into chip style.

To health and happiness.

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