Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blueberries and Fig

This morning I worked outside in a drizzling rain and planted a Brown Turkey Fig tree.  Dr. John Fielder taught me how to plant trees when I was in Australia, so I followed his teachings.  I dug the hole using the mattock and shovel, put greensand and fertilizer in the hole and mixed it with compost.  I planted the tree so that the root ball would not be lower than the top of the hole.  I hope I got it deep enough, but I didn't want to make the common mistake of getting it too deep.   After planting, I fed around the tree with greensand, fertilizer, compost and mulch.  Even though it rained some, it didn't rain enough, so Travis watered the tree in the afternoon.
Brown Turkey Fig...freshly planted and fed.

We have more trees to plant.
We had a visitor to the garden today.  He was not afraid of us at all.  He just happily let me take his picture while he ate dandelion leaves.
Our bunny visitor.
The harvest from the garden today was kale, dandelions, 3 radishes, and some chives.  We used the kale and dandelions in the smoothies for lunch, and we used the radishes and chives in the salad for dinner.

I have started researching edible perennial vegetables that we can grow.  Several of the varieties that are good for this area are for sale on E-bay.  Some of these are already growing wild around here, such as pokeberry and nettles.  Nevertheless, the wish list on E-bay is quite lengthy now. Here is a link to the book that I am using to learn about these plants, Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier:
Perennial Vegetables Book

Lunch today was green smoothie (kale, dandelion, mango, banana, dates, water); melon (I had watermelon and Travis had honeydew); plum, avocado, and pistachios.

Dinner was green salad (romaine, radish, chives, mushroom); salad dressing; and avocado.

We bought blueberry bushes at Wal-mart to replace the hedge row beside our driveway.  Travis dug up the plants and then replanted the blueberries.  So now we have an edible hedge.  Our friend, Arthur, wants the original plants for his they will go to a good home.
The new blueberry plants.
The new their new home.

To health and happiness.

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