Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit to the Buckstaff Bath House

Yesterday, Travis and I did a 100% raw, all fruit day.  Travis is down to 172 lbs, so he has the 160's in sight.

Lunch was bananas and cantaloupe.

Dinner was Green Smoothies (banana, mango, kale, blackberries); watermelon; avocado; and mung bean sprouts.  It's important to chew your smoothies instead of gulping them.  Digestion begins in the mouth.

We have heard some good reports of people that attended Dr. John Fielder's presentations here in Arkansas.  Our friends, Arthur and Nancy, committed to doing six weeks on all raw.  So far Arthur has lost five pounds and Nancy has lost eight.  The weight loss is just a bonus, because the primary reason for doing the all raw is for better health.

Joe, from Little Rock, reported that he hated hearing what Dr. Fielder was teaching, but he realized that it was truth.  So he has stopped smoking and stopped eating before noon.

My cousins, Sandy and Debbie, came to visit.  We went to the Buckstaff Bath House in Hot Springs, AR.  The package included a 20 minute bath in hot mineral waters, a hot towel treatment, a steam bath, a sitz bath, a needle shower, and a 20 minute massage.

Debbie and Sandy at the Buckstaff Bath House

I had an asthma attack during the hot towel treatment and could only stay in the steam cabinet a  few seconds.  After the treatment, I had a 2-3" circular rash develop on my skin below my left lung.  

Dr. Fielder convinced me in Australia that I am in the process of detoxifying from smoking over 26 years ago.  The asthma and rash from the bath are probably related to this.

Ever since the bath I have been low on energy...just wanting to sleep or rest.  Fortunately, I have been able to give in to that desire somewhat.

Back in the early days of Natural Hygiene, the pioneer doctors used hot baths and cold baths in their healing treatments.  The modern Natural Hygiene doctors, such as Dr. Fielder, no longer use those extreme temperatures in their treatments.  They do not consider them to be necessary or beneficial.  Sometimes a cold compress is recommended.  Cold does not refer to ice...just water at room temperature.  Very rarely is a hot compress called for.

One of the principles of Natural Hygiene is to be in the sun.  Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and the best source is the sun.  We should get out in the sunshine daily when possible.  It's important not to immediately wash off the body's oils after being in the sun if we want to maximize the benefits.  Sunscreens are not beneficial.  Building a healthy body with nutrient rich foods enables us to be in the sun longer.

To health and happiness.

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