Friday, June 1, 2012


It's time to once again focus on simplifying my life and living freer.  There are more things on my daily schedule than I can possibly do.  A good indicator of what you truly want to do is what you actually do.  The things that tend not to get done just need to be eliminated.  Gone.  So good-bye for now to trying to learn French.

Maybe I'll spend my mornings doing outdoor things, but in an unstructured way.  Maybe I'll want to walk. or work in the garden, or go for a boat ride, or sit on the deck.  The afternoons would be a good time for working on my Natural Hygiene lessons or projects, practicing the flute, and doing computer work.  The  evening will be perfect for blogging and Ebay.

Life is not about achieving goals and getting things done. - Jim Rosen

Lunch:  Watermelon, Avocado, Banana
Dinner:  Zucchini Tomato Basil Pasta; Green Salad (romaine, mushrooms, olives, radish, chives); Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing; Chocolate Granola Bars; Watermelon; Cashews

Karl came over to visit with Travis today.  He ended up joining us for dinner.  The conversation was good as always.  He always pushes us to think in a larger way.    The most important thing we can do to support positive change is to stop playing the game and live in harmony with natural (universal) law.

Travis and I went to look at a couple of pieces of property for sale near us.  One has 18 acres and a shack for $1.25 million.  It makes me appreciate my beautiful little property.
The garden.

View from the back deck.

The back of the house as seen from the garden.

When I began to work with Dr. Fielder back in 2008, I was very sick and frightened.  I made the decision at that time to take the drastic action of following Natural Hygiene and avoiding medical intervention.  It was a good decision.

One of the principles of Natural Hygiene is that Nature doesn't make mistakes, only we make mistakes.  Look at the lifestyle first to see if improvements can be made that will take some of the overload off the body so that it can work more efficiently.

To health and happiness.

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