Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Make Goody Balls in Pictures

The recipe for the goody balls appears in The Farm Recipe Book from the Clohesy River Health Farm.  This recipe is a staple in my diet.   It keeps for weeks outside of the refrigerator.

Here are the ingredients.  Most of them I purchase from Nuts.Com...sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sultanas, currants, dates, and peaches.

500 grams of sesame seeds

Grind the sesame seeds in the food processor.

Pour the ground seeds into a large container.  I use this blue plastic tub.

500 grams of sunflower seeds

Grind the sunflower seeds in the food processor.

Grind the seeds fine.

Pour into the blue tub with the sesame seeds.

250 grams of almonds.

Organic pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

250 grams of pumpkin seeds

Grind the almonds and pepitas in the food processor.

Grind them fine.

Add to blue tub.  That is the last of the seeds and nuts

Now we add the dried fruits.  500 grams of raisins.

Add to blue tub.

500 gms of currants

Add to blue tub.
500 gms of sultanas.  Add to blue tub.

500 grams of dates

Cut the dates into smaller pieces.  Be sure all pits are removed.

Add dates to blue tub.

500 grams of peaches.

Cut the peaches into smaller pieces using scissors.

Add peaches to blue tub.

Slowly process the goody ball mix through the meat grinder.  This is our newly purchased LEM meat grinder.  We bought it at The Culinary District for $245.00.

The goody ball mixture looks like sausage once it has been run through the grinder.

Form into balls and store in airtight containers.
To health and happiness.

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