Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not Feeling So Well

To be honest, I have not felt very well this summer.   What I have been doing is not working that well.  There have been too many compromises in diet and lifestyle due to so much traveling.  Traveling in itself is enervating, but when compromises are made it compounds the problem.  

I recently did a fast to help my body heal faster, but I think I came off my fast too soon.  My body still seems to be in fasting mode, which is making me feel terrible.  My food addictions are running rampant with cravings for salt and starches.  I talked to Dr. Fielder via email today.  He re-iterated the need to stay out of restaurants and to recognize that giving into the cravings will make them worse.

Lunch today:  Green smoothie and 1/2 avocado.  Also, ate some raw pistachios which made me feel worse.

Dinner:  Watermelon only because I am feeling a little sick.

Travis picking a couple of melons for us.  These were yellow-meated watermelons.

Fresh, local grown tomatoes.

This was a yummy lunch one day last week...avocado, plum, grapefruit, cherries, watermelon, and green smoothie.

Dinner Salad.

Here's Travis reading the newspaper and getting some sun.

I planted some lettuce seed in this little six-pack.  Hopefully, they will get big enough to transplant soon.

We bought 28 lbs of peaches today at a produce market.  They are really good.  Now we need to have a peach party and have few meals of peaches.
 Today, we went to Hot Springs to buy a new meat grinder.  A meat grinder is necessary in order to make goody balls.  Our original meat grinder wore out.  We bought it at Lowe's a couple of years back.  We tried to replace it with the same model...twice...and both times the meat grinder tore up the first time we tried to use it.  So today we upgraded to a better machine.  This one is an LEM #5 and weighs 35 lbs.  I
hope to try it out tomorrow. 

Here is the new meat grinder...still in the box.

 Here is the recipe for the goody balls again.

We went to Lowe's today and bought a new gas powered Bolens lawn mower.  I am so excited about it.  The one we have been using is an electric model that came from a yard sale.  The cord is always in the way on that one.  This one will be similar to the one I mowed with at the farm in Australia.  It will work great for mowing around the trees and getting the ground ready for feeding the trees.  Travis tried it out this afternoon.
Travis trying out the new mower.

To health and happiness.

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  1. Looks great!! I love your blog, thank you for all your tips and advice :)