Friday, December 28, 2012


We had Christmas with Molly, Ken, Zac, Braeden and Ashlyn at our house on December 22.    It was a special time to give and receive from each other.  We had to watch our son and his family open their gifts in California via Skype.  Skype is a blessing when you can't be with each other.

Ashlyn liked her bike.

Braeden liked his television.

Zac liked his iphone.

Ashlyn liked her Ugg boots.

This is what it looked like when we got through.
Christmas Eve was warm, and you hardly needed a sweater, but look what happened early on Christmas morning.  They are calling it Mistlesnow.  It is the first time snow has fallen here on Christmas Day since 1926.  It snowed until it was 15" deep.  I have been hibernating ever since.
This is the view from my bedroom window.

I made snow ice cream using almond milk.
 Here is the recipe for snow ice cream.

Snow Ice Cream
1 gallon snow
1 cup palm sugar or other sugar
1 Tbsp vanilla
2 cups almond milk

Travis was smart enough to leave one of the cars parked on the road, otherwise we would not have been able to get out to go to the store yesterday.  There was a forecast for freezing rain last night, but, thankfully, that did not happen
Cleaning off the windshield.

Travis shoveled us a path up to the road.

All stocked up and ready for the next round
I had a splitting headache through the night last night.  I am not sure what triggered it, but my suspicion is that it was caused by eating a can of Amy's  Organic Black Bean Soup.  The soup had 1240 mg of sodium in it.  And this is supposed to be a healthy brand.  Nevertheless, the cause is always in the lifestyle.

Durian Rider is a raw food guy that teaches on You Tube.  I usually can't share his videos because of his bad language, but he is dispensing really good information in a pure form.  He counseled a 450 lb female binge eater in a way that helped me.  He said that you are meant to be a binge eater.  The only difference in him and her, he said, is that he eats low fat, high carb, low sodium, low protein.  Eat as much as you can, just change what you put in your mouth.  It's a choice in the moment.  Just make sure you make the right choices.  Forget about this emotional eating junk.  We all eat emotionally.  Just binge on the good stuff.

To health and happiness.

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