Thursday, December 20, 2012

Banana Bread at the Raw Food Potluck

Yesterday was our raw food group meeting and potluck at my house.  Even though it is so close to the holidays, we had ten people show up.  This group is always encouraging.  Even though no one is perfect in the raw food lifestyle, they understand the principles and they love the food.  The food was really good yesterday.

Jennifer and Erika.  Jennifer is studying at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. 

Letizia and Gabrielle

Karl and Travis

We have decided to make a group study of  12 Steps to Raw by Victoria Boutenko.  Here is Becky checking out a copy of the book.

Jerry is giving his approval of the veggie cocktail which was made of juiced beets, carrots, and celery.

Linda, Janis and Becky

Letizia made her first raw food dish to bring to the potluck.  She made a ranch dip from nuts and served it with a veggie tray.
I made a Chia Seed Pudding for the potluck which uses almond milk.  With the almond pulp leftover from making the milk, I made this wonderful Banana Bread.  It was delicious.  I will be making this again.

Recipe for Banana Bread:
1 cup almond pulp
1 cup coconut
6-12 dates, not soaked
1 banana
1/4 cup coconut oil

Mix the coconut and dates in the food processor.  Then add the banana, coconut oil and almond pulp and process together to make a dough.

Spread on a teflex sheet about 1/4" thick then dehydrate overnight.  Flip and dry the other side.

Banana Bread
 It's time to get ready for a new start as we go into 2013.  I ordered two copies of 80/10/10 by Doug Graham to use next year.

I went to the Christmas party at the nursing home where my 90 year old Mom is a resident.  I passed on the finger foods but enjoyed the one-man band and Santa.  Mom even got up out of her wheel chair and danced a couple of times.

Mom and Santa

 Just a reminder of some advice I got not too long ago from Dr. John Fielder.  You need to be squeaky clean in your habits, even when you are around people whose lifestyles are unhealthy else they will drain your energies.  It's important to be very particular to ensure that this doesn't occur.  This means not indulging in too many late nights, eating in restaurants, eating wrong foods, insufficient exercise in the fresh air and sunlight, insufficient rest, etc., and generally not taking time out for yourself.  Worry is the icing on the cake.  Your body and mind are telling you to stop it all and get back to sanity.

To health and happiness.

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