Friday, September 27, 2013

The Daily Fast

Travis, Arthur and I went to Park Island for lunch yesterday.  Park Island is an awesome little restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas, that serves organic, locally grown foods.  Here is a link to a wonderful article about Joseph Sheridan and Armando Ortiz, the owners.
Park Island Organic Produce and Cafe

As we left Park Island we noticed four large 300 gallon tanks which will be perfect for collecting rain water. They were asking $80.00 each for them.  Later in the afternoon Travis returned to get one of them, but he ended up buying two and Joseph and Armando delivered them to the house for us. We talked about raw foods and about getting Dr. Fielder to possibly do a seminar at the cafe when he comes to Hot Springs next May.  Joseph and Armando are nice folks.

You know, it really doesn't matter what your diagnosis is or even whether you have been given a diagnosis at all.  In the practice of Nature Cure that is not important.  Our focus is not on seeking a cure, but rather the focus is on bringing ourselves into harmony with the Laws of Nature and strengthening the organism.

The daily fast is possibly the best thing we can do for ourselves.  The daily fast begins after the evening meal and ends at lunch time the following day.  Even a laborer can do this because this fast does not weaken you.  You will even feel more energetic because the digestion of food requires much energy.  This conservation of energy enables more energy to go toward healing.  This is good stewardship.  The body is the Lord's temple which should be honored and kept clean.  (I want to do better!)

One of the principles I mentioned yesterday was that we need to be squeaky clean if we wish to succeed.  What does it mean to be squeaky clean?  Here is how it was given to me by Dr. John Fielder when I so desperately needed  to find a way to heal my sick body.

Eat the natural food diet of about 50% fruit, 35% vegetables, 10-20% starches, 5-10% concentrates, and a minimum amount of condiment foods.  (Message me if you want a copy of this diet sheet.)

Stop all supplements and medications.  Eat only raw foods.  Drink only water.

Remove all forms of stress.

Pray positively.  Expect healing and full recovery.

Be in the fresh air and sunshine everyday.

Exercise by walking every day if you are able.

If necessary to separate yourself from negative people and well-meaning friends and family that saddle you with fear, you may have to go someplace... like Dr. Fielder's Clohesy River Health Farm....or find a coach that will encourage you through the hard times.  I was fortunate to have the support of my family when I decided to go this route, but everyone is not so lucky.

It helps tremendously to have a practitioner, coach or friend who has been through these things before you.  It is normal and usual to experience weakness, headaches, aches and pains, dark urine, and a host of other symptoms as the body detoxifies and heals.  Pain is part of healing.  The body is healing the part of the body that is hurting.  Our job is to stop adding anything that will interfere with the function of the body.

We also need to be aware of the things we put on our skin and hair.  Cosmetics and perfumes are never good to use even when they are advertised as being natural.  They are all processed.  Beauty and health go together, and they come from within.  At this time I am using some mineral eye makeup, mascara, and Burt's Bee's lip gloss.  That may still be too much.  I have again decided to stop putting toxic hair color on my head in order to color my hair.

Even seemingly innocuous remedies, such as salts or herbs, suppress our healing symptoms and interfere with the function of our magnificent bodies.  They are not good to use.

To health and happiness.

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