Wednesday, January 29, 2014

365 Days of All-Raw Biogenic Living

The practice of Nature Cure and living the simple, natural lifestyle are truths that most people are not willing to adopt.    We are creatures of habit so it's hard for us to change.  We have our set patterns of behavior, and it's not easy to break free from them.  Sometimes this keeps us from hearing new or opposing thoughts and opinions.

I believe that Natural Hygiene will work in today's world even though some think it is idealistic.  Even most health-minded people are advocating supplementation and saying that our fruits and vegetables are lacking in necessary minerals due to depleted soils.  But the truth is that Natural Hygiene and Nature Cure will work today just like they always have.

Change requires a change in our thinking and lifestyle or it's not really change at all.  Change is not something we do gradually.  It happens instantly. There is not a gap between thinking about changing and changing.  Thinking about change and not taking action is just procrastination.  I have done my share of that to be sure.  Change takes place in the present moment...not in the past or future.

I have started a new practice called 365 Days of All-Raw Biogenic Living. It's a program I have put together for myself.  It mimics the lifestyle practiced at The Clohesy River Health Farm, but modified for my place in the world.

The  inspiration for this 365 Days All-Raw Biogenic Living program was a picture taken of myself shortly after I returned from five months in Australia at the Clohesy River Health Farm.  To look and feel like that I need to practice the lifestyle completely. My home must be my spa!

The biogenic lifestyle is simply living in harmony with the laws of nature and nature's God as much as we understand them.  It's trusting God and his laws and then trusting the process as the body cleanses.  The daily routines and practices are a refuge from the craziness all around us.

Angus Holiday is posting some really good stuff on the Nature Cure page on Facebook.  (I highly recommend the writings of Kevin Hinton and Angus Holiday on this page.) Angus Holiday was also part of my inspiration to practice more perfectly.  Because of a post he wrote, I am including in my practice once again the sunbath when the temperature is over 65 degrees, the siesta after lunch, the hot tub, and sleeping with the open window when the temperature is between 40-80 degrees.  Other parts of the practice include running, yoga, and playing the flute.

If there is anyone near to me that practices Nature Cure I would love to know who and where you are.  I have good friends I love to be with, but there is no one nearby that practices Nature Cure as far as I know.    I am thankful for my mentor, Dr. John Fielder, who is an example of how the lifestyle works when practiced in near perfection for fifty years, but he is on the other side of the world!

I talked to a friend, a massage therapist,  at flute ensemble rehearsal about my eye twitch.She thinks she can help...or can tell me right away if she can tomorrow I'll try to set up an appointment with her.

To health and happiness.
The inspiration photo.
The girls' table at the January raw food potluck.

The guys' table at the January raw food potluck.

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