Thursday, January 16, 2014


It's a brand new year!  2014!  My New Year's Resolutions are two:  1)  Practice the daily fast from sundown until noon the next day.  2)  No more reading for self-improvement.  Instead, I want to trust my own experience.  My serious reading is limited this year to my Bible and the Lifestyle Consultant's Course for Biogenic Living that I study under the tutelage of Dr. John Fielder.

Celebrating New Year's at Park Island Cafe.

I am having a terrible time with a twitch in my eye and face.  It meets the description of a hemi-facial spasm.  It began as a twitch in my eye and has progressed to the muscles in my face and mouth.  I first addressed it as an emotional issue, and that may still be the case.  I don't know.  However, now I am going to a chiropractor that specializes in sacro-occipital technique and cranial.  Some days I won't notice the twitch and then other days it is quite annoying.  According to Google, the most common cause of a hemi-facial spasm is blood vessels pressing on a nerve.  That feels like what is happening.

I talked to Dr. John Fielder as a client a few nights ago regarding this twitch and my general condition.  He gave me some good advice.  When issues arise, we have to be our own doctor.  We have to examine ourselves.  No one else knows how we feel.  We do this by looking closely at every aspect of our lives and seeing where we have slipped, where we are doing okay, and where we need to do better.

I am switching back to air popped popcorn when I want popcorn.  Using the Cuisinart popper uses too much oil.  I spray the air popped popcorn with Pam Organic Olive Oil Spray and then sprinkle on some nutritional yeast.  No fat.  No salt.  It's very good.

Since my last blog post, I have used Couch to 5K to train to run a 5K.  So far, I have run in two races.  My next race is February 15, and my goal is to break the 40 minute mark.

Life's Great Law teaches that every living organism has an instinct of self-preservation.  This instinct is inherent in the organism.  The more life force available, the more successful this work will be.

It is to our advantage to work in harmony with this law and all the laws of Nature, because the law is no respecter of persons.  Our job is to make it as easy as possible for our precious organism to function efficiently so as to conserve energy.  We do this by living in such a way as to give the body every benefit we can.

We know what we need - whole, healthy food including plenty of raw foods, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, rest and sleep, a community to live and fellowship in, a positive mental attitude, and prayer.

Another requirement is the avoidance of stress.  A lot of our unnecessary stress will go away when we turn off the TV news.  It gives us a false sense of the world, and its purpose is to polarize us and give us the illusion of a choice.  A better way is to just open our eyes and look at what is in the narrow way...the present moment...right before us.  We can trust our own experience if we look at it with openness, trust, and love.  We can listen to each other and find out what our brothers and sisters are asking for.  We don't need to have our thinking manipulated by authorities from far away, nor do we need do-gooders trying to gain control by forcing people to do what seems right to them.
Ashlyn with Lucy at Lucy's dog training class.

Exercise is good for you.  Just look at Lucy's smile after going for a walk.
To health and happiness.

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