Monday, April 14, 2014

Pure Air and Pure Water - Day 77

Today was my 77th day of 365 days on the all raw biogenic lifestyle.  Just to clarify, I have been raw for several years, but 77 days ago I re-committed myself to following the high standard of what I practiced when I was in Australia interning at the Clohesy River Health Farm.  My intention is to be 100% raw and follow the other requirements of the healthy lifestyle.

Lunch today:  Coconut water; avocado; papaya; orange;  watermelon; almonds.

I am very happy that we got to make goody balls today.  Travis is a big help with this job.  He helps cut the fruit, and he runs the meat grinder.  He also cleaned the meat grinder today, and that is the hardest part of making goody balls.  We were completely out after our trip to California, so it is wonderful to once again have this staple raw food item on hand.

Dinner this evening:  Salad (Romaine, pak choy, collards, arugula, and chives from the garden, cucumber, cherry tomatoes); avocado; sauerkraut; raw milk cheese; salad dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, honey); lemon grass tea; goody balls.

I trained for the 5K today.  Our next race is Saturday. I don't think I am getting any faster, but I hope I will eventually be able to improve my time.

  I have been listening to 528 hz music today.   I am fascinated with the concept of tuning to this higher vibration ever since Dr. Larsen brought it up during my sutural treatment.  I am still studying about it's healing properties.

I talked to Dr. Fielder today on Skype.  He is an encouragement to me as I work through my healing issues.  It's good to have a coach or mentor to help you through the rough spots.  The nerve damage will take time to heal, so I just need to be diligent in doing the things I know to do.

Back in the old days people thought air was bad for sick people.  They were afraid that drafts, night air, cold air, or damp air would make them sick.  They had people sleeping and working in unventilated spaces. Some of the early Natural Hygiene doctors fought for fresh air for patients, but they were resisted on every hand.  They fought against the superstitions regarding night air, damp air, cold air, and drafts.  There are still people that are afraid these things will make them sick.  The truth is, however, that sick people need fresh air the same as healthy people.

Not all that long ago, even medical doctors believed these things.  Hospital were (and still are) poorly ventilated and bad smelling.  To this day they prefer the oxygen tank to fresh air.

Drinking water when thirsty is common sense, but not too long ago doctors would not allow their sick patients to drink water.  I can remember, also, when coaches would not allow their athletes to  drink water when practicing in the hot summer heat.  They gave them salt tablets instead.  In the un-airconditioned garment factory where I worked back in the 70's, the management handed out salt tablets to people working in the sweltering south Arkansas heat.  Such inexcusable ignorance!

In caring for the sick, patients were not allowed to drink water or take a bath.  They might be given a spoonful of warm chicken bouillon when they craved water. I think some of this still goes on.  Why do we act contrary to our common sense?  Why do we trust an outside authority more than the voice of nature within?  There are stories of people getting up in the middle of the night to steal a drink of water from the well.  The water, of course, would help them get better.

People should drink when they are thirsty.  The water we drink should be pure water, not mineral water or water treated with chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride.

It is amazing how easily people buy into mis-information that is so contrary to our common sense.  It seems like everyone would understand that pure air and pure water is good for us, but even today people are afraid of pure water and accept with blind faith that mineral water and chemically treated water is better.  These waters are forced on the population by ignorant legislators, city directors, and health departments.  But we need pure water!

I wish we would learn to value things by their real worth rather than by how much they cost.  Water is worth more than the finest wine.  Pure water is worth more than Perrier.  Pure water is valuable for the body, while wine and mineral water have to be quickly eliminated.

The truth is the narrow way in the middle, and most of us are afraid to trust the simple truths of life.

To health and happiness.
We thought spring was here, but we are having freezing temperatures tonight.

Spring was nice while it lasted.

We have pak choy, arugula, and collards growing in our garden now.  This is how they looked two weeks ago.

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