Friday, February 15, 2019

Meditation is the Center Point

Toasting with kombucha at our raw foods potluck.
The bio-photons in the food are small units of life that have information for your cells that won't be found anywhere else.  This is the fire that cooks your food in the proper way and will awaken your intuition and open pathways of healing.

When I was ill, Dr. John Fielder, my biogenic lifestyle teacher, gave me a short list of things to do if I wanted to get well.  They were: eat only raw foods, drink only water, access fresh air and sunlight every day, exercise by walking every day if  possible, remove all forms of stress, meditate positively expecting healing and full recover.

The meditation practice is the center point of this protocol because it requires a discipline, commitment, and intention that anchors the other practices.   All you do will come out from that place. Branching off of that you have on the one hand what you take in (diet, information, revelation, environment), and on the other hand you have what you give out (exercise, service, teaching).  This is the path to health and happiness.  This  the balance of the yin and yang  with stillness at the center.

Begin with a practice of prayer and meditation, and then balance your life with diet and exercise, studying and teaching, receiving and giving.

Food prep today:  grapefruit juice and a dinner salad

Breakfast:  2 bananas
Lunch:  Green smoothie, watermelon, raw peanuts, turmeric tea
Dinner:  Blended salad (I made it a couple of days ago) and a dinner salad, dandelion chicory burdock tea

To health and happiness.

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