Friday, January 27, 2012

Brown Bag

Sleep is the normal process of life.  It's a time of construction and building.  It represents recuperation.  The good of all exercise is developed in rest.  Rest and stuffing do not go together.  Rest and fasting or a low diet are complimentary to each other.  - From The Quintessence of Natural Living by Keki Sidhwa

The book "How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavers has inspired me to do some garden planning.  Victory Seeds on line says our average last frost date here in Arkansas is April 8.  According to this book, we should sow seeds in flats around Feb 27.  It tells how many seeds to sow to practice biointensive agriculture on tiny acreage.  In my case, I will sow on Feb 27, 8 broccoli seeds, 8 brussels sprouts, 16 cabbages, 4 cauliflower, 48 celery, 28 head lettuce, 48 leaf lettuce, 8 parsley, and 18 tomato seeds.  How exciting!

The Thursday meeting of the minds took place at our house yesterday.  Travis and his friends, Karl and Arthur, meet for lunch almost every Thursday.  They sit around the table and have the most interesting discussions for several hours.  It's always a joy to get to sit in on part of the discussion from time to time.  Yesterday, they had lunch at Brown Bag, a restaurant near our house.  I got to tag along.  Karl and I had the Greek Salad.  Travis and Arthur chose less healthy options.  Karl is serious about improving his health.  He doesn't fool around with his food choices.  When we returned home Karl had one of our organic avocados, a passion fruit, and some goody balls.  I had some nuts.

Travis, me, Karl and Arthur
So many people I know are starting to show an interest in growing food.  Arthur and Karl are both planting small gardens this year.

The mung beans are finished sprouting.
Mung Beans.  To the left is a fish I made in Australia from coconut leaves.
Dinner was grapefruit with honey, avocado, banana with sesame butter, and cashews.

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