Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tummy Ache

Lunch today was Walnuts;  Green Smoothie (grapes, arugula from garden, organic passion fruit, organic lemon juice,  organic date, and water);  Melon (watermelon for me, honeydew for Travis);  Pear;  Goody Ball; Avocado;  Cashews

For dinner we had Green Salad (leftover from last night);  Oil and Lemon Juice Dressing;  Avocado; Sauerkraut;  Cashews

We have a counter full of organic fruits from Barry Koral's Tropical Fruit Farm in California.

Passion Fruit

Meyer Lemons

The sprouts are coming along good.
Mung Beans Sprouting
It was 29 degrees outside, so I exercised indoors with the yoga ball for about 30 minutes

There was not much outside time today.  Putting the window down while driving helped to breathe in some fresh air.

A package arrived today from Nuts. com.  Inside were 5 lbs. of cashews, 5 lbs. of medjool dates, and 5 lbs. of walnuts.  All raw.  All organic.  They sent a small package of organic gummy bears as a free gift.

Keki Sidwha in The Quintessence of Natural Living says to practice harmlessness toward your own self, your body...the temple of God. 

I started studying about the skin in the anatomy lesson.

Today was an all flute day.  The first flute lesson with Harriet was at 9:30.  The second flute lesson with Jackie was at 2:30.  Flute ensemble rehearsal was at 6:30.  

My stomach started hurting bad during flute ensemble rehearsal.  It hurt two weeks ago during flute ensemble rehearsal, too.   I wonder what is the cause?  I know I ate too many cashews, but I didn't have cashews before last rehearsal.  Maybe, I'm stressing a bit trying to learn this music.


  1. Hello Janis. I have been reading your blog for a while now, since your stay at John Fielder's. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks for all the great info so far :D
    My husband and I are in the process of a big life change and we'd like to go and stay (with our 3 children as well) with John.
    Prior to that we'd like to talk to you, if that's ok. I know my husband has sent you a few requests on the matter. His name is Greg. We are in the UK.
    I have been under the care of John since 2008 (initially under Keki) and we are currently treating one of our son's wound hygienically, thanks to John.
    Would it be ok to speak with you at some point, please? That would be a big help for us if you could.
    Many thanks Janis. Hopefully speak soon :D


  2. Daniela, Please call anytime. If you will send me a private facebook message or send me your email....I will send you my phone number. I am so jealous that you may be going to see Dr. John!!!!

  3. Hello Janis, thanks for your reply. My email address is
    We can eventually also skype.

    Look forward to speaking with you :D