Thursday, January 28, 2016

Coffee Withdrawal. Love and Light.

First day without coffee.  Enjoying a Yogi tea, Ginko Clarity.
The tea bag message - By honoring your words, you are honored.
I am having some coffee withdrawal symptoms, although not as severe as I was expecting.  The worst symptoms are a mild headache, can't hold my eyes open sleepy, and maybe a little depression.  I am a little teary and feeling sorry for myself.  Caffeine withdrawal should only last a few days, and then onward and upward.
Fear comes from the mind.  I want to follow my heart.  When you feel like no one loves you, try to remember that everyone else wants the same thing you want.  They want to feel loved and worthy and valued.  You can help others feel love once you open your own heart to let the love and light shine in.   This means you stop the criticism and brow-beating of yourself first, and then the others.  The answer is always more love.

Natural Hygiene teaches that our best potential  for health and happiness comes from living the simple natural life free of remedies, cures, potions, and pills.  In the same way, our best potential for loving relationships comes when we stop trying and just be authentic.  Live in harmony with Nature and Nature's God.  Let the good energy flow.

Eliminate everything and every situation that does not speak to your heart while at the same time checking to see if fear is persuading you to NOT follow your heart.

Sometimes we have to give up the ideal picture of what we think SHOULD be and accept what is available.  This is the place where we learn and grow and love and experience life.  We make the best of what we have.  Whatever you have, make the best of it.  Things will never be perfect, so don't miss out on what is here for you.  If you look for the good, you will find a way to be happy and joyful.

Accept yourself the way you are.  It's sometimes easier to stop finding fault in others than it is to stop finding fault in yourself.  Look for things that make you happy.  Happiness is an attitude.

We really don't know very much about anything.  We don't understand much about love or time or human emotions.  Our knowledge is limited.  We are our own worst enemies, because usually we let the mind, with its limited knowledge, be in control of our decisions. Society builds up your egoic mind so you can be easily influenced.  We are hoping to change that and be guided by the heart and be compassionate and feel our connection to others.  That is what it means to be holy....whole....healthy.

Fresh coconut and avocado for lunch

I was out of almost everything so this is what I had for lunch:
Green Smoothie, 1/2 grapefruit, apple, almond butter, coconut

Green Smoothie Recipe for Two
2 bananas
Water from the coconut I cracked
2 kiwi
2 cups frozen blueberries
2 Tbsp chia seeds
2 cups frozen tropical fruit
A little more water

For dinner I went to a potluck with some healthy minded friends.  I made a salad and cooked a pot of pinto beans.  The salad was a bagged romaine salad with tomato and cucumber.
Dinner:  Salad, Lemon Juice and Flaxseed oil dressing, sauerkraut, rice crackers, pinto beans, a little vegetarian soup, a little trail mix, and a few pistachios.
At the potluck, we watched a movie:  Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It was fun.

To health and happiness.


  1. Always enjoy your healthy eats and wholesomly
    Inspiring food for thought!
    Love you!

  2. Always enjoy your healthy eats and wholesomly
    Inspiring food for thought!
    Love you!

  3. Thank you Sam and Nelda. I wish you all the health in the world.

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