Friday, January 29, 2016

Listen to Your Heart

I am still very sleepy from caffeine withdrawal.  I slept about twelve hours, waking up at 8:00 this morning!  I usually wake up about 5:00.  Thankfully, no severe headache so far.  Maybe I am out of the woods on that.  It makes sense to sleep more after giving up caffeine, because the body recuperates energy while sleeping.  Since the withdrawal from energy stores is no longer happening, it seems logical to me that the body would sleep to begin to restore them.

None of us enjoy perfect relationships or friendships.  That problem is common to all of us.  We don't always support each other.  I can remember times when I have failed to be supportive of someone close to me because I was afraid.  We are afraid of having our boundaries challenged and afraid of not feeling safe and accepted.  We always mightily resist anything that challenges the ego.

What would we be like if we had no fear? We can become better at that when we see ourselves as connected to our brothers and sisters and not separate.  I believe this feeling of separateness is magnified because of our separation from nature.  We no longer feel alive from the forces of nature, so we are afraid to trust the invisible.  We are living from the ego rather than the heart.  When we spend time in nature we have more connection to each other and to our own heart.

The ego keeps us busy trying to live up to an impossible ideal.  Trying to be a futile task.  If you want to be happy, stop trying and just be.  When we try to save our lives, we lose them, but when we are ready to lose our lives, we will find them.

Natural Hygiene is about losing yourself.  I remember Dr. Fielder telling someone one time that in order to heal from severe chronic illness one must be willing to die.  That to me is a beautiful expression of surrendering to the laws of nature.  When you give it all up and submit to natural law, you will find out what is possible.  Health and happiness are not for sale.  When you are alone in the egoic mind you will never find true happiness, but when you can surrender to God you are found to be most precious.

Listen to your gut and  your heart for direction.  I remember several years ago when I had the feeling of a claw gripping its talons into my gut.  I don't feel that much anymore, but my gut  was telling me that I was not following my heart - my authentic self.  I was being held in check by my egoic mind.  I knew what I "should" be doing, and I was trying to live up to that "ideal", but the claw was there to give me warning.

The more we can openly express ourselves as we are - not as we "should" be - the happier and freer and healthier we will be.


Walked 2 miles.

Lunch:  1/2 papaya, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 avocado, apple, almond butter, coconut.

Preparing the fruit for lunch.

Dinner:  Chopped Salad made with bagged romaine salad, cucumber, and tomato; Dressing made with lemon juice, flaxseed oil, and Suddenly Organic seasoning; seaweed tamari rice crackers, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado, pinto beans, baked fries, Ginko Clarity tea.

To health and happiness.

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