Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Popcorn is Not a Food. Coffee is a Stimulant.

Popcorn is not a food.  Coffee is a stimulant.  Giving up coffee and popcorn will cut you loose from two addicting foods.  They are not needed to live a happy, healthy, abundant life.  The promises they hold out are false, and they are not needed.  The goal is "everything you need, and nothing you don't".

Popcorn is not a food.  Addiction to non-food items, such as clay, ice, and POPCORN, could indicate the need for more minerals from leafy greens.  When the craving for a non-food item hits, ask yourself how you can give the body more minerals.

Coffee is a stimulant - pulling from the reserves of energy.  There is no energy in the coffee.  The energy surge is coming from the body's stored energy, leaving you poorer in the end.  Stopping the energy leaks will allow the body to begin to build up vitality.Stimulants take a heavy toll.  

Do you use stimulants to drown out that inner voice that is saying, "You are not good enough"?  That is the ego talking.  The ego is not the truth teller, though.  The ego always speaks first - and loudest.  Realize it for what it is.  The truth will speak in a stiller, smaller voice.

The choice is Head vs Heart.  Giving up addictive foods...such as coffee and popcorn...will make it easier to hear the still, small voice.

Stimulants and addictive substances have a negative impact on the pineal gland...the seat of the soul...the sixth sense.  Descartes said it is the location of the mind.  The pineal gland produces melatonin in the dark, while we sleep.  Melatonin regulates our body rhythms.  As we age the pineal gland calcifies and melatonin production decreases, which triggers the aging process.

Dopamine connects to spiritual experiences and the pineal gland.  It can become narcotic because it puts your mind ahead of your body.  When dopamine is increased, you can have insomnia.  You overwork the adrenals, and mess with your pineal gland and intuition.  It puts you out of balance.
You are resistant to giving up coffee because it is connected to the feel good hormone dopamine which influences the pineal gland.

As I get back on track with my biogenic lifestyle, I will be required - led by the heart - to let go of caffeine.  It is not needed.

Walked 3.10 miles yesterday.

Yesterdays Food:
I had coffee and popcorn both.  That is why the morning pages spoke to me about eliminating those two foods.

Lunch:  1/2 papaya, kiwi, coconut, apple, almond butter, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 grapefruit, 2 small slices of raw milk cheese, trail mix.

Lunch - I didn't eat the banana.

Dinner:  chopped salad with dressing, seaweed tamari crackers, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado, cooked cabbage.

Dinner salad with crackers. Reading material is a lesson from my Natural Hygiene course.
Salad:  bagged salad, tomato, onion, pickle, cucumber, carrot, celery, Topped with chopped avocado.

Lucy looks pretty with her new haircut.

To health and happiness.

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