Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Detox is Good

I listened to a Matt Monarch video this morning on YouTube.  He and his wife, Angela, pointed out that the more foods you eliminate from your diet, the faster you will detox.  Water fasting is the fastest way to detox, followed by juice fasting, mono-dieting, raw foods only, and cooked whole foods.  Dr. Fielder teaches and demonstrates that a 100% raw food is sufficient for healing and maintaining good health for the long term.  Much healing can be done outside of a fast...just be eating a raw food diet.  Fasting will be more effective if it is done only when you develop an acute illness.  Here is a link to Matt Monarch's video about slow vs fast detox:
Slow Vs. Fast Detox

Travis and I spent a little time in the garden this morning.  I planted a six pack of cherry tomatoes and some zinnias.  Travis planted some marigold's.  Maybe the deer will eat the flowers and leave our veggies alone.
The moon flowers are looking pretty.

Tomatoes are starting to get ripe.  We harvested three today.

Only one zucchini, but it was a nice one.

The zucchini are trying to make it after the deer ate them.

These are the cucumbers I planted yesterday to replace the ones the deer ate.

The deer ate most of the sunflower plant, but they left the top.  

I had lunch with my Mom today.  I joined her at her table in the dining room, but I brought my lunch from home.  I had watermelon, avocado and goody balls.  Mom ate a piece of watermelon and half of the avocado while waiting for her lunch to be served.  We shared our melon with Mom's tablemates and those at the next table.  They were loving the melon!  I had some green smoothie when I got home.
Mom enjoying her watermelon.

At Walmart in Benton today I bought zucchini, tomatoes, coconut, watermelon, a banana pepper, cucumbers, red cherries, and avocados.  Sadly the coconut was awful....rotten.  It was a total loss.  After dinner I went to our local Walmart and bought organic red grapes, celery, lemons, romaine, a sweet onion, butternut squash, olives, olive oil, and dates.  At Village Nutrition, I bought raw milk sharp cheddar cheese.

Dinner was salad (romaine, celery, cucumber, tomato, sweet onion, corainder, Bragg's Seasoning, and Himalayan sea salt); dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, and honey);  avocado; raw milk cheddar cheese;  goody balls; brazil nuts.

Praise God.  It rained some this evening.  We needed it.  Right now, here in Hot Springs Village, we are limited to watering on even days only.

Another principle of natural healing is that we always feel worse before we feel better.  Healing is painful.  If you stop the pain, you stop the healing.  When the body becomes cleaner due to a better lifestyle, it will have the vitality it needs to begin to detox.  You may feel really bad after going on a raw foods diet for a few days....just like you get a terrific headache when you stop ingesting caffeine.  The raw foods and the elimination of harmful foods clear the way for accumulated morbid matter to begin to release.  So in my house when someone says, "I feel bad", or "My head hurts", I say, "That's good!"

To health and happiness.


  1. That's good! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sounds like the nursing home needs to order some watermelons for the place if everyone enjoys them so much. Also you might want to read the watering ordinance. I know that in San Antonio where we were often under restrictions all that would be reported is that we could only water on certain days but if you read the whole report there were exceptions for gardens, young trees, and soaker hoses there were also time restrictions on water as well for south texas. hope you find some helpful loopholes.....love you