Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Vacation

We have been traveling for over two weeks with the family.  We went to Perdido Key, FL for a few days at the beach with daughter Molly, son-in-law Ken, and grandchildren Zac, Braeden and Ashlyn.  Our diet was not as healthy as it is when we are at home, but the sunshine and walking on the beach were nice.

Travis and me at the beach.

Braeden, Ken, Molly, Ashlyn and Zac at the beach.
The reason I didn't eat as much raw when I was traveling was in order to make it easier on everyone else.  It seems that the others are not as interested in going to markets and eating whole, natural foods as I am.  Dr. Fielder teaches that we should always take care of ourselves first so maybe next time I will need to think of myself first, especially when it comes to what I eat.   I did choose mostly healthy foods, though.

One day Travis and I drove in to Pensacola and visited a vegan restaurant called End of the Line Cafe.  We had the reuben sandwich, squash soup, and organic coffee.  Although it was not raw, it was an enjoyable meal.  Here is a link to their web-site.   End of the Line Cafe

Squash Soup, Reuben Sandwich, and Organic Coffee.
Molly and the kids left the beach with Travis and me to go to Philadelphia to visit my son, Crockett, DIL Amy, Caleb, Phoebe and Conner.  We visited Amish country, historical Philly, and Arnold's Family Fun and King of Prussia Mall.  We ate in a lot of restaurants.  I ate vegetarian, but ate some grains and cheeses that I don't normally eat.

Tired grandchildren after a day at Arnolds Family Fun and King of Prussia Mall.
Phoebe, Ashlyn, Conner, Caleb, Braeden and Zac
Conner and Crockett
Amy, Phoebe and Conner headed to the park.
Molly, Ashlyn and I spent a couple of days in New York City.  We caught the Megabus from Philadelphia on Sunday and returned on Monday evening.  Ashlyn loves NYC.  We shopped until we dropped.
Ashlyn on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

I went on all raw foods on Thursday as we began our drive home from Philadelphia.  We got home yesterday after two days traveling.  Today is my third day to be all raw.  I like the way I feel when I am eating only raw foods.  

Lunch today was watermelon, avocado, and goody balls.  I ate watermelon throughout the day because I felt thirsty and hungry.  

Dinner tonight was salad made with romaine, celery, arugula, cucumber, and tomato.  I made a dressing with lemon juice, honey and a little olive oil.  This was served with avocado, sauerkraut, almonds and goody balls.
Tonight's dinner.  I couldn't eat the radishes.  They were too hot.

There is not much left in the garden.  The deer ate just about everything while we were gone.  I bought some cucumber plants to replace the ones the deer ate and three basil plants at Walmart today.  The deer ate every cucumber plant and melon plant and all the zucchini. 

I am ready to stay home for a while. 

To health and happiness.

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