Monday, June 18, 2012

A Handbook for the New Agriculture

The Farm Recipe Books by Dr. John Fielder arrived in the mail today.  Several people ordered copies when they attended his lectures in Hot Springs and Little Rock.  I'll try to get them delivered soon.

John Fielder sent me an email this morning with a suggestion to help us with our garden.  He recommends that we buy and read A Handbook for the New Agriculture by Michael Astera.  I hope to order one very soon.  The book is available from Soil Minerals.Com  Here is the link:  A Handbook for the New Agriculture by Michael Astera.

Travis and I worked in the garden today.  I planted the cucumber plants from the Walmart clearance rack to replace the ones the deer ate.  In six packs I planted Bibb lettuce and Margold tomatoes.  In the garden I planted zucchini squash and garlic chives.  Since the deer ate all the tops, Travis harvested the potatoes.  He cleared out some of the kale that the cabbage worms had destroyed and planted pumkins and watermelons.

New basil plants from the Walmart clearance rack...$1.00 each.

Cucumber plants from the Walmart clearance rack.

The deer ate part of the pepper plants and nibbled on the peppers.

The deer ate most of the sunflower.  This plant still has a top that is about to bloom.

Deer must not like arugula.  That's good, because we like it a lot.

The potato harvest.
We have not had a lot of success with strawberries.  We have tried them in three different places.  Right now we have them in the bed that was an herb bed last year.  I think this bed wants to be an herb bed because the herbs have come back and are taking over the strawberries.  I am going to let this bed go back to herbs, and maybe give up on strawberries.  

We went to the lake before lunch for a nice swim.  One of the teachings of Natural Hygiene is to bathe or swim in  a natural body of water.  Dr. Fielder bathes every day in the Clohesy River.  We don't have a river handy, but we have a party barge on Lake Desota that is about 5 minutes from our house.  The water was very nice today.
Lake Desota as seen from the party barge.

Getting ready to take the plunge.
Lunch:  Green Smoothie (kale, grapes, honeydew, banana, and water); avocado; cherries; watermelon.  Travis found a good watermelon today at Cranfords.

I went to Kroger today before my flute lesson and got a butternut squash, two tomatoes, and a watermelon.

Dinner:  Salad (romaine, celery, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, chives); Dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, and honey); sauerkraut; avocado; watermelon.

The HSV Raw Food and Natural Living Group is meeting at my house on Wednesday, June 20, at 11:00 a.m.   Everyone is invited to bring a raw food dish and join us.  I will be demonstrating making pasta from butternut squash and zucchini.

To health and happiness.

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