Saturday, June 23, 2012

Habits and Environment are Important

We are getting ready for a garage sale this coming Friday and Saturday.  We are in the process of turning the house upside down finding things that we can sell.  The rule is, "If it doesn't serve, let it go."

I met my friend, Connie, for dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  We had such a good time catching up on everything.  We meet every three months, and it is always a joy.  She has a way of making people feel good.  I was on my 9th day of all raw until I helped myself to some of the potato salad and broccoli salad on the salad bar.
Connie and me.

My sister, Sheila, told a funny story about our Mom.  She told Mom she had lightened her hair so that her hair could grow in and be it's natural color.  Sheila- "I probably have as much gray as you do".  Mom- "My hair is not gray."  Sheila - "You do have some gray."  Mom - "No, I don't.  I know my hair is not as black as it used to be, but it's not gray."   This illustrates that perception is key.  Albert Einstein said, "Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one".
Mom and her "not gray" hair.  
It's important to develop good, healthy habits.  Good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones.  It's actually easier to break a perversion than a healthy, natural instinct.  It's our birthright to feel healthy, alive and vigorous.  When we live in a good environment, the life force motivates us to maintain that good environment.  We don't want to give it up.  And we all have a sense of self-preservation that won't let us quit until the game is over. - Adapted from The Quintessence of Natural Living

Environment is important.  Put forth the effort to make a healthy, loving, beautiful environment for yourself and your family.  Beauty feeds the soul.

It takes time for your bodies to heal.  It sometimes takes weeks or months.  It requires faith and perseverance to succeed. That is a principle of Natural Hygiene.  Instead of looking for a quick fix by using drugs or surgeries, Natural Hygiene asks you to address the cause of your problem by changing your lifestyle.  Once an acute illness develops, the body requires time for the illness to run it's course.  

Following the principles of Natural Hygiene changes lives.  I do these things because I want to be healthy.  Life is precious.  Eat every day in a way that is going to best feed every part of your being...body, mind, and spirit.  Processed foods bring you down.  Living foods lift you up.  So wake up!

To health and happiness.

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