Friday, February 8, 2013

Basic Needs of Life

I'm feeling really good right now.  Eating an almost totally raw diet makes such a difference.  I feel JOY for no reason.  I still have some pain in my kidney, a sore nose, and arthritic hands, but other than that I feel GREAT!  Healing takes time.  Patience is important.  There is no need to be in a rush.  This is a work that will last as long as I do, I'm sure.  But that's okay.  Living the natural, healthy lifestyle is my pleasure, my hobby, my avocation! I love all of it.

Tuesday was all-flute day with two lessons and a rehearsal.  Lunch was lovely with a green smoothie (pineapple, greens from the garden, apple, kiwi, bananas, orange, coconut water, and water); 1/2 avocado; freshly grated coconut; and papaya.  Dinner was the usual green salad, veggie cocktail, 1/2 avocado, and trail mix.  I also drank herbal tea throughout the day.

Vegetarianism is not the same thing as Natural Hygiene.  Natural Hygiene is all about true health.  It deals with the removal of the causes of disease and maintaining health by living the simple, natural life.  It looks at the whole person...mind, body, and spirit.

There is no fast path to good health by taking drugs or herbs.  We have to learn to understand how our mind and body works.  A lot of people in the health business are looking to get rich quick.  They are successful because we are looking for health in ten easy steps, and we are willing to pay for the magic pills and potions.  Real health is not that easy.

There is a growing number of young people looking for a saner way to live.  I am encouraged by the number of them learning to grow organically and live a more simple lifestyle.  There seems to be a consensus that we can't go on as we are.

What Natural Hygiene can offer them is a knowledge of the basic needs of life.  It is a message suitable to everyone, no matter where they live or their income level.  It emphasizes what we can achieve. It appeals to the weary and sick.  It teaches our relationship to our environment.

We have to educate ourselves, but we need to educate other people, too.  We are all in this together.

"Not to offer health when unintentional suicide is going on seems nothing less than criminal." - Dr. Dewey

Our work is to educate everyone with whom we come in contact.

From the book Natural Grace:

There is more to salvation than getting the right texts.  It is not true that truth is found from the neck up.  Pay attention to the revelation of Nature.  There is a balance between the revelation from Scripture and the revelation from Nature.

We can trust our experience.  I have learned to trust my experience.

To health and happiness.

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