Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Enemy is Us

I made a new toothpaste that is very simple, and I like it.  The recipe is 2 Tbsp. melted coconut oil stirred into 3 Tbsp. baking soda.  I keep it in a little glass jar, and it works great.

I bought some spiralina and some frozen blackberries to use for my makeup per the video I posted last week.  My method is a little different from the one on the video.   I used a little water with a little spiralina to make eyeliner, but I used Cover Girl mascara on my eyelashes.  Hopefully, this will be okay since it doesn't touch my skin.  I applied the eyeliner with an angle brush.  The juice from the thawing blackberry was applied with a brush for lip color and with a make-up sponge to add cheek color.  I thought it looked fine.

I am using a mild bar soap to wash my hair and then blow drying it on the cool setting.  I'm trying not to use any products on it.

It felt good to get out and walk around the neighborhood for an hour on Saturday.  We know that exercising outside in the fresh air is ten times more beneficial than exercising in the gym.  Even though the temperature did not reach 60 degrees there was some beautiful sunshine to soak up.  It felt warm!

Sunday, I fixed lunch to take to the potluck at our church.  I took steamed broccoli, green salad, Kalamata olives, sauerkraut, avocadoes, a bowl of fruit, freshly grated coconut, and Mariani honey nut bars.

We drove to Benton to pick up Mom for church on Sunday.  She felt good enough to go for the first time in a while.  She had such a good time.  She said she saw people she hadn't seen in a long time, and she learned something new!  What? " Everyone is getting old"!  After our potluck lunch we drove her home.  She was ready to get into her new duster and crawl into bed.  She will be 92 years old on April 6.

Even though my Mom has lived to a very old age, I wonder how she would be had she known and chosen to live by the principles we have learned in the study of Natural Hygiene.

Drugs obstruct the natural powers of regeneration.  Drugs never help us to heal.  They are always poison.  If it's not a food, it is a poison to our bodies.  The body can not use them to make living tissue like it can with  fruit, veggies and nuts.  In that sense, they are poison.  The medical sciences don't really heal.  According to Dr. Ulric Williams they just convert acute illnesses into chronic disease.

 Dr. Williams said that no one ever cured cancer by surgery and nobody ever will.  He said that radiation, x-rays, drugs, and surgery are clumsy, illogical, expensive and painful. They shorten life and increase misery.   I tend to agree with him.  

 We have met the enemy, and he is us. - Pogo

Perspective is everything, they say.  When we can see our lives from a new and deeper perspective it changes everything.  Natural Hygiene is a philosophy of  wholeness and maintaining balance.  We are designed to be in balance. The life force in us is always motivated toward right action, so when a disease manifests it is also right action.

Most people look at health and disease as something external to themselves.  The world we live in sees problems as external to themselves so they look for solutions to poverty, pollution, war, crime, and poor health outside themselves, too.  As far as health is concerned, we would rather educate more doctors, build more hospitals, and manufacture more drugs than accept self-responsibility.

The world teaches us that disease is because of some external force and that it is not self-generated. Even those of us that know better find it easy to slip back into that mind-set if we are not vigilant.  We can give up our medicines and herbs when we can see that we caused the problem in the first place by our wrong habits of living.

To health and happiness.

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