Friday, February 1, 2013

Grocery Shopping and Natural Law

I try to keep my grocery shopping convenient and, therefore, sustainable.  Just like our diet requires us to have our food readily available, we also must keep our shopping habits such that we can maintain them.  The whole world is conspiring to keep us from living the simple, natural life, so we must have our intentions set and have a system in place so we don't get drawn off track.

I do most of my shopping within three miles of my house.  Village Nutrition is a health food store near here.  They are expensive, and I don't buy much there.  They have flax seed oil, nut butters and some specialty items I buy from time to time.

Cranfords is a grocery store where we can get Gundelsheim sauerkraut, bananas, and occasionally some other fruit.  The Gundelsheim sauerkraut is the only one that is stocked in this area that is an acceptable product.  It is packaged in a glass jar and has two ingredients, cabbage and salt.

I buy almost all my food at Walmart.  I know it is not ideal, but that is the best option I have.  I buy organic when I can.  Otherwise, I just buy the commercial.  Here is my normal grocery list - fruit, avocado, coconuts, organic romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, lemons, olive oil, honey, beets, carrots, Kalamata olives, green onions, herbal teas, kale and/or collards, and pine nuts.

Some things I have to order from  I order my dates, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits from them.  I order my raw almonds from Briden Wilson Farms.

Lunch was green smoothies, 1/2 avocado, and grated coconut.  The green smoothie was made with kale, bananas, orange, apple, pear and dates.  I think one of the date pits got left in, and the smoothie had little pieces of hard date pits in it.  We had to be careful drinking it, but it tasted good.

The coconut grater is working great!  I love it!

Azomite is a rock dust that we can purchase from Amazon.  I haven't ordered yet, but it's about time.  We are looking at the twin Lifetime Compost Tumblers on Amazon, too.  They cost $300, so we haven't pulled the trigger on that yet, either.  It's on my wish list.

Dinner was a green salad; veggie cocktail; 1/2 avocado; and goody balls.

I talk about the laws of Nature all the time, but exactly what are the laws of Nature?  According to the Quintessence of Natural Living a natural law is independent of human authority and is immutable.  It maintains the order of things and expresses cause and effect. 

A lot of times we don't like to admit that "law" is involved in everything we do and our success depends on how well we comply with it.  Cause and effect is the working of natural law.

What about grace?  We don't deserve grace, but most of us experience it every single day.  It is by grace that we are saved from our mistakes in obeying the law.  We are given room to learn and grow.  And no matter how much we fail in keeping the law, we will never be forsaken.  That being said, as mature people, we find pleasure and happiness in learning to live in harmony with the law.  The blessings abound more and more as we accept responsibility and learn to live the way the Creator intended us to live.  Grace never condones wrong doing.

If we don't like our life or our health, then we should not complain againt fate, but instead we should look for the cause and make the necessary changes.

Growth comes from exercising.  No one else can learn and grow for us.  We have to experience things for ourselves, although we can learn from the experiences of others, too, if we are open to such.  In order to build health, we have to stick with the law.  It's important to make the necessary sacrifices in order to live and to work on ourselves.

Anything that gives us something for nothing destroys our character.  Personal effort is required in order to grow and find happiness.  It is the law of action and reaction.  The things we do have consequences in our own lives and in the lives of our children and grand-children.

Universal law decrees that we have to work.  We reap what we sow.  If we don't sow, there will be no harvest.  We have to give in order to receive.  We can never cheat the laws of Nature. What are we going to do to restore balance?  The scales of justice must eventually be balanced, for we cannot take more than we put back.

There will always be a day of reckoning.  The judgement is bound in the action itself.  Even if we don't know the law we are breaking, the penalty is certain.

Ignorance is no defense against the laws of Nature.  If you take a poison that was prescribed by your doctor, your body will still try to reject it and get it out of your system as fast as possible.

We are responsible to learn how to live in harmony with natural law.  As we grow in wisdom and understanding, we'll learn to live in accord to Nature's laws.

Thank the Lord for all His benefits and for answered prayers.

To health and happiness.

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