Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  We didn't do anything special, but I enjoyed my time at home.  Travis was gone to South Arkansas with his retired agriculture teacher buddies.  I got awesome presents this year!  My son and his family paid over half on the Lifetime Dual Bin Compost Tumbler I wanted.  It has already arrived and is sitting in the garage waiting on someone to put it together.  The date stamp on my pictures are obviously wrong, because according to the date this is a Christmas present.  Here is the link:  Lifetime Dual Bin Compost Tumbler
Awesome birthday present!
My daughter and her family contributed towards the Aris Latham Culinary Certification Workshop on 13 DVD's.  I can hardly wait for them to arrive.  I posted one of Aris Latham's recipes on a previous post. Here is the link to his Salad and Tahini Dressing Recipe:

Here is a link to the videos:
Aris Latham Raw Foods Culinary Workshop

Three of my grandchildren spent the week-end with us.  Ashlyn was a big help preparing Sunday lunch.  We fixed the Salad and Tahini Dressing and a fruit bowl.  Ashlyn also prepared a birthday fruit platter for me.
Ashlyn with the Salad.  The Tahini Dressing goes into the green pepper cup.

Ashlyn with the fruit bowl she arranged.

The birthday fruit plate created by Ashlyn.  The strawberry is the nose for the smiley face.

Another thing Aris Latham reminded me of is the importance of fasting the body.  It is very difficult for me to take the time off to water fast and keep up with my schedule.  He fasts about 70 days a year, but it seems he is considering taking in only the juices as fasting.  Technically, that is not a fast, but I think this will work for me.  So today is going to be an all fruit juice day.  My plan is to make this a weekly occurrence.  This morning I made an apple juice with a lime juiced in with it, and I made a pitcher of fresh orange juice.

Making orange juice.

Apple juice with lime and orange juice.
To health and happiness.

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