Saturday, February 2, 2013

Open Your Heart

When I retired, I took out a high deductible insurance policy with Golden Rule Insurance company.  I almost had the nerve to go uninsured, but decided to play it safe in case I had an accident.  I called them  a month or so ago to cancel since I am now eligible for Medicare.  I was upset when I saw they drafted my account for another $165.53 after I told them to cancel.  This morning, though, Travis reminded me that they told me on the phone that I would have to pay the pro-rated amount for the last month.  I had forgotten that.  Nevertheless, they made 100% profit off of me.  I carried the policy for about three years at $273.88 per month and never made one claim on the policy.

Favorite quotes of the day:
Invoke the power vested in you for your own best and highest good. - Ilume Ao

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our own senses to grow sharper. - W.B. Yeats

My favorite Facebook post yesterday was from Michael Ellsberg.  He said we should take our bucket list, rip it up, and burn the shreds in a fire of liberation.  Here's the one thing you should do before you die:  Open your heart so wide it could kill you.

A responder to that post, Garrison Cohen,  really touched me with his comment.  Here is an edited version:  "Open your heart so wide it DOES KILL YOU.  Open your heart so wide that it becomes the leap from a cliff that you can never take back.  Open your heart so wide that the "story of you" that held to your life with a death grip becomes completely obliterated...and then as you stand there still breathing, feeling and very much alive, look at your life through those eyes.  I'll meet you there."

More thoughts inspired from The Quintessence of Natural Living...

Drugs can not heal us!  The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion industry.  I read that they make about $600 billion a year.  That is probably a conservative estimate, and their profits go up every year. They will go up even more with the new health care system being put in place.  Most people just blindly accept that drugs are a part of our society.

Drugs always cause changes in our bodies.  The changes are not because of the drugs, but because the living tissues in the body respond against the drug.  If you administer a drug to a dead person nothing happens.  That is because it is the body responding to the drug, not the drug acting on the body.  That is why Natural Hygiene objects to their use.

It's important to understand the disease process.  Diseases are not caused by some evil outside influence.  Even though taking a drug may appear to stop the symptoms, it is not the best thing to do.

The pharmaceutical companies play upon our fears and are quite good at marketing the concept that diseases are caused by outside forces that we must war against. They experiment with everything under the sun looking for "curing properties".  There is a great deal of superstition involved in the drug culture as they claim miraculous cures through remedies and concoctions.

In Galatians 5:20 the Bible lists the works of the flesh which are opposite to the fruit of the Spirit.  One of the works of the flesh is witchcraft.  The word witchcraft is translated from the Greek work pharmakeia which means the use or the administering of drugs and poisoning.

"Drugs, no matter in what form, under what conditions, in what quantity, under what name, patented or otherwise, have been, are, and will continue to be, in proportion to their use, a great and positive curse to God's human family." - Dr. John Cowan, MD

Dr. Cowan went on to say that it is a great and universal delusion that a sick person could get well by taking drugs. It is an absurd superstition that what will make a well person sick will make a sick person well.  It is a sad fallacy proven by the millions that have died before their time as a result.  Drugs have never cured one single person of disease.  The person always recovers in spite of the drugs and not because of them.

It is the body's instinct to preserve health.  Natural Hygiene never tries to fool anyone by masking their symptoms with drugs.  Natural Hygiene teaches us what is necessary for life and what causes our problems.  It teaches us to rest when we are ill so that all our energy can go towards healing.

We don't use drugs when we are healthy.  We don't need them.  If a healthy person did take a drug the body would eliminate it as fast as possible.  Likewise, we don't need drugs when we are sick.  Just because we are sick does not make our bodies need a poison.  It is just as toxic to a sick person as it is to a well person.  They make our diseases last longer because the body has to eliminate the poison in addition to working on healing.

To health and happiness.

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