Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 59 - The Laws of Life

I have toyed with the idea of trying some alternative healing methods regarding the facial spasms, even as late as last night.  But this morning I woke with a new resolve to trust the process of the natural lifestyle as being enough.  Anything more than enough is too much!  I just want to do my simple, natural lifestyle without any alternatives.

Last night we had dinner with two other sweet couples at Park Island Market and of my favorite places!  They offer local, organic food in a friendly atmosphere.  I had the salad with greens and fruit.  So good.  Here is a link to their Facebook page..

Molly and me at our roadside picnic.
I am studying about The Laws of Life in my Lifestyle Consultant's Course in Natural Living....

The principles and practices of Natural Hygiene harmonize with the laws of Nature.  The things that preserve our health are the same things that restore our health when we have lost it.

Natural Hygiene rejects the use of all poisons.  If something is not conducive to life in a healthy person or if it destroys living tissue, it is a poison. The only remedies we use are ones that support the living organism. If they are unable to maintain health, they are unable to restore health.

Natural Hygiene is not a treatment plan, it is a lifestyle.  It's purpose is not to "cure" disease but to build health.  Some people think Natural Hygiene is okay for a healthy person, but surely a sick person would need something different.  The fact is, though, that this way of living removes the causes of disease.  Sick people don't need anything more than what healthy people need.

Everyone knows that poisonous drugs are bad for healthy people, so isn't it logical that they are not good for sick people either?  Everything that is beneficial for us will also be beneficial for us when we are healthy.  It should have a positive effect on our health.

The questions we should ask when we are considering any remedy include:
1.  Is this necessary for my life or is it something I will only use when I am sick?
2. Do I need this when I am healthy as well as when I am sick?
3. Does it affect me in a positive way when I am healthy?
4. Should I use this regularly when I am healthy?

If my healthy body rejects the remedy, it is a poison.  The body can not use drugs.  They don't nourish the tissues in any way.  They are not invigorating, so they have to be expelled.  They are anti-biotic and in opposition to life.

The truths of Natural Hygiene are self-evident:
1.  Action is of the living organism.
2.  Disease is a remedial effort.
3.  Medicine does not act on the body, but the body acts on the medicine.
4.  Disease and the healing power of Nature are identical.
5.  Nature has not provided remedies and there is no law of cure.

Natural Hygiene does not use drugs in caring for the sick.  Living the simple, natural lifestyle is safe and sufficient.  It is all the remedy we need.  It is enough.

To health and happiness

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