Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Techniques of a Healthy Life

When you receive messages from two different sources within five minutes of each other do you stop and listen?  That happened to me recently. The message was, "The Lord will provide".  It is true.  Our job is to stay in harmony so we can hear what's being given to us.  Be still and KNOW.  That's what the biogenic lifestyle is all about.  It meshes perfectly with my faith.  It separates us from what is false and brings us face to face with what is real and lasting.  I am happy that this is my path.  I love my life...twitches and all.  The truth is comforting.  Anything that causes fear to rise up in you is FALSE, no matter who says it.

It is important that we learn the techniques of a healthy life and the practices that prevent illness.  90% of the population is sick and having their lives shortened. We can help ourselves by taking charge of our own well-being by doing a few simple things.  Here is a partial list.
1.  Recognize that symptoms are not diseases.
2.  Address the real disease rather than treating symptoms.
3.  Educate ourselves about natural law and the forces of nature.
4.  Know that drugs do more harm than good.
5.  Don't be one-sided.  Always consider the whole person...the whole lifestyle.

The more we can educate ourselves the better off we will be.  The best cure is prevention because prevention is easier, quicker, and less painful than trying to cure an illness.  We can learn how to detoxify our bodies with simple, natural methods so that we will enjoy greater health.  Healthy living and knowledge of the natural healing forces is the true medicine.

Many people are over-medicated and would do better with simple natural foods and by taking advantage of the forces of nature...water, sun, air, etc.  The knowledge of healthy living is available to everyone, but it is amazing how many people still do not understand it.  Unlike the study of medicine which is taught only to a chosen few in expensive universities, the knowledge of healthy living is available to anyone with the desire to learn it.

There are many good things about living a simple, natural lifestyle.  We can practice the rules of a healthy, natural life all the time, whether we are sick or healthy.  We can learn to live in harmony with the laws of nature rather than going head to head with them.  It does not take much time or money to practice this lifestyle.  Money is not an obstacle.  The sun, air, and water are free.  The fruits and vegetables don't cost very much.  There is no need to go to an expensive resort.  We can practice at home and out in nature.  It is simple...anyone can do it.


I visited Gentle Dental in Amity, Arkansas last week.  It was my first visit with Dr. Chester Clark, a holistic dentist.  He is more conservative than most dentists and was willing to try the least invasive options first on my tooth that had a hole in it.  The enamel had broken away and there was also a little decay.  He used a slow speed drill on the tooth so no medication was needed, then he filled the tooth.  Dr. Clark does not use mercury fillings, nor does he do root canals because they are not healthy.  This procedure may last for a few months, or it may last for a few years.  Possibly sometime in the future this tooth will require a crown, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  If you are interested in a holistic dentist here is a link to his web-site.  http://www.mercuryfreedentist.com/


My diet on the All Raw Biogenic Lifestyle is simple but satisfying.

Typical lunch:  Green Smoothie, an orange, 1/2 an avocado, nuts, and some goody balls.

Typical dinner:  Veggie Cocktail, Salad or Blended Salad, 1/2 an avocado, nuts, and goody balls.

To health and happiness.

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