Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 60 of All Raw Biogenic Living - Disease is the Cure.

I have lost my thermometer.  I hope the puppy didn't get it.  I like to take my temperature so that I will know when my body is ready to undertake a fast.  Elective fasting is not something we advocate.  It's best to continue with the normal routines of the simple, natural lifestyle until a fever develops.  That will be the time to fast, because the body will have built up enough vitality to start a cleanse.

There was no sunbath today.  Temperature was in the 60's, cloudy, rainy and stormy.  There should be some sunbaths in the near future, though, which is exciting.

The view on my walk this morning.  It was cloudy and wet, but nice!

The view on the mountain this morning.  Our back yard.

It's good to sleep with the window open.  Fresh air is one of the principles of the simple, natural lifestyle.  We are at the time of year now when the window should be able to be open most nights. 40 degrees is my cut-off point.  Colder than 40 - I shut the window.  

I am optimistic that the facial spasms are getting better.  It seems like there were longer periods of time yesterday when they were inactive.   

We went to the farmer's market today.  I bought a large bag of shelled pecans, a pint of raw honey, some fresh tomatoes, and a couple of desserts to take to a church meeting.  I won't be eating the desserts.  They are healthier than commercial desserts, but not up to my biogenic lifestyle standards.

Lunch:  Coconut Water; Papaya; Orange; Watermelon; Avocado; Goody Balls; Almonds

Dinner:  Salad (lettuces, cucumber, tomato); Sesame Ginger Dressing; Avocado; Sauerkraut; Almonds;    Goody Balls

Nature doesn't make mistakes, only we make mistakes.  Doctor Fielder has told me that many times.  When it comes right down to it, we are accountable for the consequences we cause.  We don't have to be afraid of disease, because the disease is there to correct the problem.  Instead, we should look for the cause and then make adjustments to our lifestyles.  

When we get sick, we don't have to use remedies that are harmful to us.  We just need to rest, fast when indicated, bathe, and follow the simple, natural lifestyle so that the causes of poor health will be removed and our health can be restored.

Disease is not our enemy.  There is no need to go to war with it.  Disease is our bodies making a valiant effort to remove toxins and encumbrances.  Our symptoms should not be suppressed.  Our job is to give our bodies every advantage with a healthy lifestyle and not suppress the symptoms with drugs and medicines.  Suppressing symptoms is not a cure.  The only real cure is to remove every enervating activity and substance from our lives so that we can recuperate as much energy as possible.  Drugs and medicines are enervating.

If we try to cure a disease, then we are trying to cure the cure.  The disease is the cure.  We take care of ourselves when we are sick by doing everything we can to help our body in its healing process.

Natural Hygiene is NOT a substitute for medicine.

"The great error in regard to our Hygienic Therapeutic System is that it is a substitute for drug treatment; that water, food, air, exercise, etc. are substitutes for calomel, ipecac, lobelite, and cod-liver oil.  Never was there a greater delusion.  They are totally dissimilar and in no sense interchangeable; under no possible circumstances of health or disease can hygienic agencies be regarded as substitutes for drug poisons.  These are good; those are bad; and that is the whole philosophy of the matter." - Dr. R. T. Trall

To health and happiness

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