Monday, March 3, 2014

My Facial Spasms

I am living every day at my personal All Raw Biogenic Living Health Spa right here in my own home. It is going well, and it feels right to be settled into these simple practices and eating my simple foods.

Things seem to be coming together regarding my facial spasms.  For some reason, I had failed to make the connection between the spasms and a head injury I suffered back in June.  One morning last week, it suddenly dawned on me that the twitches started soon after the accident.  

Last June, I was in London with my grandson, my sister, and a friend.  As we were getting on the tube one afternoon, my friend got on in front of me and my grandson was behind me.  As I stepped onto the subway the door shut and hit me on both sides of my body and face.  This knocked me backwards and I fell flat on my back on the platform with my foot caught in the subway door.  I was screaming and trying to pull my foot free, but it was caught. Thank God, suddenly the door opened. The driver told me she saw me fall and assured me the train would not take off with someone's foot caught in the door.  I don't know whether to believe that or not. The kind gentleman that was seeing after me told me an ambulance had been called.  I said, "Please no.  I just want to sit here for a little while and see how I am."  After an hour of sitting in his office, I agreed to talk to the EMT.  He agreed with me that I was probably okay and gave my grandson instructions on who to call if I started having problems.  I had a knot on my head and was sore for a couple of days, but seemed to be okay. An eye twitch started shortly after this and gradually became facial spasms on the right side of my face.

 My friend, Rhonda Hall, is a massage therapist.  She checked out my face a few days ago.  The muscles around my eye and on the right side of my face are flat and attached to the bone.  It was painful as she applied pressure and moved the muscles around to break up some calcium deposits.  This is a characteristic of injury to the seventh or facial cranial nerve.

Nerves heal slowly, I'm told, but they can heal.  Rhonda says they heal about 1/8" per month.  My job now is to give my body every advantage so that it can heal the best it can.

I am working with Dr. Fielder on a regular basis again and also with Dr. Kurt Larsen, a chiropractor who specializes in cranial work and sacro-occipital technique.  My intention is to trust the process as well as to enjoy the process. 

We are due to have fluoride added to our water here in Hot Springs Village this year even though a large part of the population is opposed to it.  Some of the people that come to our raw foods group are active in working to educate the officials and citizens. I hope they get the desired results, but if they don't we will need to find a way to remove the fluoride from the water we drink. As a starting point, I would like to get two 10 cup Zero Water Pitchers.  They are $34.99 each on Amazon.  They are supposed to filter out the fluoride as well as most all other dissolved solids from the tap water.  Here’s a link to the web-site.

Dr. Fielder tells me that rainwater is the best water to drink, so I have been drinking rainwater since our last Skype visit.   A few months ago, Travis and I purchased two 1000 liter tanks from Joseph Sheridan and Armando Martinez at Park Island Market and Cafe for $80.00 each.  They even delivered them to us.  These tanks are full of water right now.  Here is a picture of our rain tanks.
Two 1000 liter rain tanks.
To health and happiness.

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