Saturday, August 21, 2021

Imperfectly Raw Day 2 - Friday 8/20/21

 “Sticking to consensus reality is a noble path”. -Matthew  Remski

Today is Ashlyn’s 18th birthday.  We will be celebrating this evening at Grateful Head Pizza in Hot Springs.  In situations of community and celebration and travel, it is my intention to select the food that most appeals in the moment, yet still balancing the need to be different to get different.  

1st meal today was Lemon Ginger Blast with added liquid turmeric circumin with black pepper. The juice is made with kale, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger, jalapeño, and turmeric. Turmeric root is not available in my local stores, so I ordered a bottle of Qunol brand liquid turmeric curcumin with black pepper.  It adds a nice flavor as well as health benefits. 

Lemon Ginger Blasts in lemon glasses.

Liquid Turmeric

The smoothies today were made with 3 bananas, broccoli sprouts, hemp seed hearts, mixed greens, coconut water, 2 dates, wild blueberries to top of blender, and Hot Springs water to 3/4 of blender.  So delicious. We also had some grapes for a snack. 

I am a distributor for a frequency device called the Healy.  It scans the body and helps you select a program with the frequencies that you are most resonating with at the moment.  Today the program I most needed was for the head in the group called Bioenergetic Harmony.  I ran that program which is designed to reduce tensions.  I use to run several programs a day, but I decided it is better to just run one or two a day.
Me and my Healy

I had trouble with shortness of breath all afternoon.  It is a symptom that I have experienced off and on since my mother died in 2013.  I am not sure what triggered it today, but it felt like a mild panic attack.  I just drank water, and stayed busy to get through it.  I also made an appointment for later this month with my primary care physician for a wellness check up since I have not been since early 2020. 

The onion bread was ready to take out of the dehydrator.  I will use some of it tomorrow to make raw Greek Pizza! The recipe for the onion bread is from Rawvolution.

Raw Onion Bread

Raw Onion Bread recipe: 
3 large yellow onions
3/4 cup ground flax seeds
3/4cup sunflower seeds, ground in a food processor. Remove ground seeds to a mixing bowl.
1/2 cup Nama Shoyu (I had to use Bragg’s Amino Acids because it was all I had)
1/3 cup olive oil
Peel and halve the onions.  Slice the onions using the slicing disc on the food processor. Transfer the sliced onions to the mixing bowl with the other ingredients.  Mix all the ingredients until thoroughly combined.  Spread on Teflex sheets to go into the dehydrator.  I spooned the mix into nine round pieces.  Dehydrate for 24 hours.  Flip and remove Teflex.  Dehydrate 12 hours more.

Dinner was at The Grateful Head.  I had two pieces of the tree hugger pizza and the cherry cider they had on tap. After dinner we went to Zac’s candy store, and I bought a little bag of his homemade small batch toffee.  It was a good birthday party.
Ashlyn and Shane

At the Candy Bar

Party time

The birthday girl



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