Friday, June 17, 2011

Arrival at Clohesy River Health Farm

It's a long way to Australia.  It was close to 40 hrs door to door.  All the flights went well.  I have had a peaceful feeling all through the trip.  I followed the instructions to avoid jet airplane food; no alcohol, coffee, or soda; drink plenty of water; get up on the long flight and walk around.  I think it worked.  The longest flight was from LAX to Brisbane.  It was 14 hours.  I managed to sleep seven hours on that flight.

The drug dog at customs in Brisbane accused me of having undeclared contraband.  I explained I had mango, kiwi, almonds, walnuts, etc. in the bag earlier, but I had left them all on the plane so as not to have to declare them.  Turns out it was my neck pillow which may have been filled with buckwheat.  They said it was okay and let me keep it, but when I got to the ladies room I threw it in the trash.  I don't want to have to try to get back through US Customs with it later on.  I never used it anyway, and I was tired of hauling it around.

Dr. John picked me up at the airport at Cairns.  There are a couple of other ladies that are staying at the farm right now, Deborah and Priscilla.  He had dropped them off in Cairns to shop while he came to pick me up, so we went by and got them.  The drive up over the mountain was beautiful.  I say two kangaroo crossing signs.  I want a picture, but I wasn't fast enough.

At this time, I am in a room by myself.  My room has a tile floor and the bed has mosquito netting around it, but there shouldn't be any mosquito's at this time of year.  The windows swing open, and you can just walk out the window.  The shower and toilet facilities are a short walk from my room.  

Deborah and Priscilla were telling me how they found gecko's and a frog in their room and how beautiful they were.  That is NOT the way I react to lizard's and frogs.  I mean....I don't want to hurt them....but usually I scream when they touch me.  This could be interesting.

Dr. John helped get me set up with internet access.  I am so glad he recognized that is a priority with me.  I asked him what we were going to do tonight and what I would be doing in the morning.  He said my first job is to recuperate from the trip.  That sounds good to me.

I think there is someone else staying here right now, too, but I haven't met him yet.

Stay safe and healthy....

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  1. Sounds like an excellent start. Also what an excellent idea from our wise friend Dr Fielder to allow plenty of time to recover from traveling. Luca, Bird, Ike, Breck, and Meric would love to find geckos and frogs in their room. I bet the child-Janis will love to see them, too.