Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have been having computer woes since last Sunday.   For some reason there was no power coming through the 240 v system that I had my computer hooked to.  Maybe I was draining it....not sure.  Also, we have not had a lot of sun.  On Monday, we went to Mareeba and I bought for $75.00  a 12 v adapter for my laptop hoping that would solve the problem.  But it didn't.   My computer was still pulling off the battery and shutting down.  John figured out that I was blowing fuses so yesterday we drove to a nearby little store and bought 10v fuses.  I'm hoping that will fix the problem.  The only other problem I have is that I can only charge my computer during hours when we have sunshine...10:00 a.m. until about 3:00 p.m.   If I use it other that those times, then I have to pull off my computer's battery.   At least, that's the way I understand it.  I still can't get Skype to work.  Maybe it will work during hours when I can pull off the 12v power.

On Sunday we weeded the vegetable bed, then made rows by pulling back the mulch with a rake.  John never tills the soil or inverts it in any way.  Next we put some chicken manure in each row and then compost in each row.  Since the ground was so hard we put the sprinkler on it and gave it a good soak.  Before planting, each plant is dipped in a pail of water that has 2 cap fulls of fish and kelp emulsion added to it.

One of my jobs was running the mower over the weeds we pulled from the bed.  After everything looked like it was chopped up good, we'd rake it up and turn it over and then run the mower over it again.  We turned it four or five times.   Then I took the mower over to the weeds I pulled out of the pineapple patch last week and did the same thing with them.  This mulch will be used to go down the middle of the beds.

The tree outside my door is a soursop.  It has fruit on it.

Sunday afternoon we planted the vegetables.  Each plant was dipped in the Fish and Kelp Organic Emulsifier mixed in water and then planted.  I pulled the mulch up around each plant like tucking the little babies into bed.  Then each plant was watered in by pouring some of the Fish and Kelp water around its roots.

I have had an abscessed tooth for a long time.  It doesn't hurt.  My dentist recommended a root canal.  I had learned enough about root canals to know to cancel the appointment.  The abscess popped up really good on  Sunday, though.  The abscess really has nothing to do with the tooth.  It is an outlet for a problem somewhere else in the body ... most likely the digestive tract.  It will continue to drain as long as the problem is there.

I could get a root canal and the abscess would to away, but that would not address the cause.  It would lay the groundwork for a more serious illness, such as cancer of the bowel.

Tooth decay and osteoporosis are both caused by poor health.  The body is desperately trying to supply the nutrients it needs to keep you alive by pulling them from the teeth and bones.

Another interesting thing we talked about is the use of ice in treating pain.  Ice is an analgesic, but it is detrimental in that it depresses the vital function of the body and suppresses the healing inflammatory process. Heating pads also cause great damage.  Cold water packs promote healing.  You use strips of sheeting wrung out of ordinary water and wrap them around the body and cover that with a double layer of woolen blanket.

I didn't feel very well on Monday.  My kidney was hurting, and I felt very tired.  I raked the grass clippings that I mowed yesterday and put them down the center row of the pineapples and vegetables.  I weeded the flower bed in front of the kitchen, then I ran the mower over the weeds several times and mulched the bed with them.

We went to Mareeba after lunch.  I got a 12 volt adapter for my laptop.  I went to the ATM while John went to the Post Office.  I found a short terry wrap robe, exactly what I had envisioned I needed, at Salvation Army for $5.00.  We got goats milk at the health food store.  At Overflow I spent $13.50 on hair rollers, headbands, ponytail holders, barrettes .... trying to find some way to deal with this curly hair.

At 2:00 I had my consultation with John.  I told him how badly I am feeling.  Solution - keep working, eating right, sunning, resting.  A sore in my nose is also related to my digestive tract.

In my course, I am studying the effects of suppression of symptoms.

Yesterday I planted seeds in the six packs our veggie plants came in.  I mixed blue stone, chicken manure, and compost to use as our potting soil in the six packs.  I learned to press the soil down tight so there would be no air in them.  John says air will interfere with the capillary action.  I planted some tomatoes, a mixture of different beans, and some mystery seeds.   John can't remember what they are.  I covered the seeds with more of the potting mixture.  Then each six pack was gently dipped into the Fish and Kelp water to moisten.  They will have to be dipped every day.

I put mulch around the pineapples.  I did most of them by myself, but near lunch time John came and helped me finish up.

Lunch yesterday was freshly grated coconut, sapadilla, papaya, black sapote, and a sugar banana.

During our consultation we talked about Alfred Braucle and hydrotherapy.  In Nature Cure we don't use the extreme water treatments that were used in Naturopathy.

For supper I had tomato, avocado, sauerkraut, and pecans.

It's raining like crazy here.  This is an unseasonable amount of rain.


  1. What is sapadilla and black sapote? What is a sugar banana? Sorry to hear about your electrical problems. Hey, go the natural look with the curly hair. With all the rain and being in the tropics, you may be beating your head against a rock trying to do anything except natural curls. Run your fingers through your hair and figure out where your natural part is; then fluff it up (don't use a brush or comb), and just keep it fluffed with your fingers. The longer it gets, the curlier and better it will look. No need to roll it. Go natural. How is your hair different from mine? Hope you feel better. You are very brave to keep experiencing all the pain instead of suppressing it.

  2. Sapadilla is a fruit that tastes like cinnamon. A sugar banana is a small banana that is very sweet. I'm trying to figure out how to go with the natural look...but so far natural looks pretty bad. I'll have to try what you said about not using a brush or comb. Maybe I can find a product to help it look good curly. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.