Monday, June 20, 2011

Weeding Pineapples

My schedule at the Clohesy River Health Farm is as follows:
4:30 - 8:00 am     Computer Time
8:00 - Noon         Outside work and domestic chores
Noon - 12:30       Lunch
12:30 - 2:00         Sunbathing, Practice Flute, or trips to store
2:00 - 3:00          Consult with clients
3:00 - 5:00           Study time for the course
5:00 - 6:00           Supper

I was still feeling like I had nothing to do after supper so I went to sleep at 6:00 p.m.   I woke up as 12:30 a.m and did not go back to sleep.  I talked to Dr.Fielder about using the evening to work on my French, and he says that will be okay.  Sheila suggested taking up needlework, like the pioneer women.  ha

It was so peaceful in the morning.  I heard some loud squawking that sounded like geese, but Dr. Fielder says that is is cockatoo.  It's quite cold at night, but it warms up during the day.

My job yesterday was to clean the bathrooms and shower.  Then I worked with Dr. Fielder on the farm.  While he top dressed the banana trees, I weeded the pineapples.  It was hard work.  It's got to be better than having a personal trainer.  All I can say is, I better look good come December.  I had little prickly things called cobbler's pins stuck all in my Earth-Tec jacket...thousands of them.  I really don't want to ruin that jacket.  Priscilla sat and picked a lot of them out one by one.  She said it was like meditation.  She kept thinking, chop wood, carry water.

For lunch the clients got more food today.  They got 1/2 papaya, two passion fruits, and grated coconut.   After preparing lunch, I got a shower and changed clothes before eating.  My lunch was banana, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 papaya, 1/4 pineapple, star apple and grated coconut.  I was so tired that I wasn't very hungry, but I ate everything except part of the avocado.

Dr. Fielder, Priscilla and I went to a town called Mareeba which is about 23 km from here.  It is known as a cowboy town.  We went to a health food store there for unpasteurized goat milk.  It cost $8.00 for two liters.  Then we went to the Salvation Army store where I paid $4.50 for a blue denim long sleeve shirt to work in.  I want to save my Earth-Tec jacket from ruin if it's not too late.

We had the consultations with the clients who are all doing well.  They are all so pleased with the results they have achieved.

Dr. Fielder asked me if food poisoning is an acute illness or a chronic illness.  I answered correctly that it is an acute illness.  He explained how digestion is a fermentation process.  Normal digestion is aerobic (with oxygen).  When food putrefies in the digestive tract the process is anaerobic (without oxygen).  Both are fermentation, and both are what the body needs for the conditions  The anaerobic action does its job by making you feel ill so that you will vomit or have diarrhea.  If the body doesn't have the vitality to perform these actions then it may develop a fever.  The bacteria are working in our favor in both conditions.

For supper the clients got 1/2 papaya, two passion fruits, and some pecans.  Dr. Fielder and I had the usual...lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, Green Lava, dates and pecans.

After supper I took my laptop into Deborah and Priscilla's room and we watched a movie my son, Crockett Harris, had downloaded for me....Temple Grandlin.  It was really good.  We watched it piled up on their kids at camp...until the battery gave out.   Then we took our flashlights and ventured down to the office to watch the rest of it.

I was in bed by 8:30.


  1. sounds like you are making friends and having fun. Are you the only American there? Are you learning to speak Aussy? LOL Hope you are having a grand time love you

  2. I am going miss Deborah and Priscilla when they leave on Thursday. And then Jim leaves on Friday. So far there is no one else scheduled to come in, so it it going to be mighty lonesome in the cabins. All the other guests right now are Australian. And I'm not doing too good on speaking Aussie, either. Dr. Fielder has a hard time understanding me sometimes, too.

  3. If feasible, maybe you can get a long extension cord (100 ft) if that will reach from your bed to the computer room. Measure it before you purchase it. You could probably even get by with regular cords (not outside) as long as you don't keep them strung out in wet and rainy weather. Otherwise, you'll need the outside cords. How are are you from the computer room? And would it be possible for you to move to the cabin that is closest to the computer room in order to run a cord? We need to pray that the next client has certified electrical experience and can put electricity to your room. Or all your friends could start a fund to have it done. hehe That's funny that the electricity is so close yet still so far away. Not haha funny, but just funny.