Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is Travis Going to Do?

Just a few more hours until time to hop on the plane and fly to the Clohesy River Health Farm near Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.  The farm is about 13 miles from Kuranda, and near the Kuranda Rain Forest.  Cairns is about 35 miles away.   I am so excited about this trip.  I will be interning for six months with Dr. John Fielder as a part of the four year Lifestyle Consultant's Course in Natural Living that I am studying.

The question I am most asked about this trip is "What is Travis going to do?  According to Travis his main job will be to meditate and reflect.   Grandson Zac is coming up next week to spend a week or two with him.  That should help with the transition.   The garden will keep him busy.  He plans to go pick peaches and freeze them for fruit smoothies.  He is planning to take Ashlyn to the diamond mine at Murfreesboro to hunt for diamonds.  There is a Dallas trip planned with Ashlyn and Molly for back to school shopping.  Debbie East and Molly say they are coming to go to garage sales and estate sales with him.  Adam Green and the boys say they will come spend the week-end with him some.  Mary and Jay are going to be checking on him.  There is some golf in the plans.  He will be juicing on his own, smoothies for lunch and veggie cocktails for supper.  He planted wheat grass today, so he will be able to have wheat grass shots.  Karl Hacradel wants Travis to teach him how to grow wheat grass.  After school starts he will have grandkids sporting events to attend.  He will be talking to me on Skype and Facebook.  And I hope he will be cleaning the house!

I am so glad for the opportunity to study with Dr. John Fielder.  As far as I know, he is the only doctor left that still teaches Nature Cure in it's pure form.  A true Nature Cure doctor sells no medicines, supplements, or alternative cures.  His only product is counsel.  I am honored to get to work with him.

I have some yummy raw foods to take with me for the trip....Goody balls, bananas, apple, mangoes, apricots, avocado, lemon, walnuts, and almonds.   That should get me through the 33 hour door to door trip.

I look forward to sharing the day to day life at the Clohesy River Health Farm soon.

Time to try and sleep....will that be possible?  Well, that's it for now.
Stay healthy and be happy!


  1. I know you are already asleep (it's 11:13 p.m.) because you have an early morning and long 2 1/2 day flight ahead. But I want you to know and carry in your heart that your sister loves you like only a sister can. I wish you only the best as we all continue our quest of lifelong education and growth, following our hearts and taking the path that few have trodden.