Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working in the Rain

I have decided to make the best of this curly hair after encouragement from Sheila and Mary Shapiro.

It was raining most of the day.  I found an old raincoat in the garage and put it on over my work clothes.  We can't let a little thing like rain stop us.  My job today was to weed one of the overgrown beds.  I have to admit the idea of snakes did cross my mind about a thousand times.  My white USA t-shirt is probably ruined and my jeans were covered in mud.  You can see in the pictures below the bed before and after my morning's work.

There were some berries growing on the fence that looked something like blueberries.  I almost ate one of them but decided I better check first.  Turns out the berries are not edible.  It is a plant called Ceylon spinach, and you eat the leaves.
For lunch I had black sapote, sapadilla, custard apple, avocado, papaya and coconut.

I am studying about Henry Lindlahr, MD who said that the proper use of surgery is in cases of injury, wounds, broken bones, obstetrical complications, and things of a mechanical nature.  Every minute part of the body is important.  He said the inflamed organ is just a symptom of a disease, and the cause of the inflammation is in every drop of blood.  Suppression of symptoms or cutting out the inflamed parts does not eliminate the cause.  Since nature seeks the easiest outlet, if you block the first outlet then the next condition will be worse.  Thousands of people have been operated on for something that could have been cured easily by natural methods.

Supper was tomato, avocado, lime juice, sauerkraut, pecans and dates.

Stay safe and be happy.



  1. Again, I say, I like your hair. And I also took what you said to heart about flat-ironing my hair, and when and why I do that. I got Bird and Ike to take a bunch of photos of me yesterday with my curly hair, the way it usually looks every day. I am trying to get them posted before heading off to bed. Good work on all the farm work.

  2. Hi Janis
    I just finally had a chance to read all of your blog to date. Wow! I am absolutely exhausted from following you around - LOL. I still don't have a computer so I am pecking this out on my iPhone ever so slowly. How's your tooth feeling now? Much better, I hope! I'm really impressed that you cleaned all those deep weeds especially with snakes on your mind the whole time - Yikes!
    This morning was Mike Francis' last day as chief meteorologist on KARK & I am really bummed about it. He was the best at calming me down during severe weather. He is moving his family to Atlanta to a top 10 market. I miss him already. Such a fine Christian and family man.
    John Hig's last day is the 14th and Fortson's is sometime next month. Seems like everybody is leaving me. I still miss having you there too.
    Did you ever get your iphone to work?
    As for your hair, it always looks good no matter how you wear it. Be thankful for those God given curls. You could send us some of that rain. Everything here is way too dry and burning up.
    Will you get to see any fireworks display on the 4th?
    Hope you get some American roomies soon. Any prospects?
    By the way, I gave Jon & Nicole the link to your blog too as they both said it sounded exciting & interesting.
    Stay well & God bless.

  3. Connie...good to hear from you. There is a lady moving in next Saturday so I won't be so lonesome in the cabins. She is from Australia. There are no fireworks allowed in Australia and they don't celebrate the 4th of July. I have to miss it all. I'll just have a little celebration on my own. Good to hear from you, and I am looking forward to our dinner in December!