Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy Sunday

Sunday, 11/27/11

Today was a 100% raw day except I had a glass of tea tonight at the nursing home.

I took cooked sweet potatoes to church, but I didn't eat any of them.  I also took a beautiful green salad made with lettuce, mushrooms, and tomatoes,  a vinegar and oil salad dressing, some nuts in the shell, and a bag of apples.

I made veggie cocktails with carrots, beets and celery juice for Travis and me to have at supper time.

Travis stayed home from church today, because he is not feeling well.  I think breathing bleach fumes didn't help him any as he tried to clean the mildew out of a downstairs closet that got wet during the last rain.  Water seeped in through the wall of this basement closet.

My pastor preached a beautiful sermon about David and Goliath at church as it relates to us serving the  Lord in the church.  Is there not a cause?  I went off on my own tangent and applied this lesson to natural law and living the simple natural life.   Sickness and disease can be a Goliath to us.  This giant can be met by bowing down and choosing five smooth stones supplied by nature's God....foods in their unprocessed, natural state; pure water; walking and playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine; a loving attitude; and prayer.  David rejected Saul's armor which in my illustration represents the world's remedies of antibiotics, surgeries, drugs to suppress the healing symptoms, etc.  The battle is the Lord's!  The simple, natural life glorifies God.

Health problems can be reversed by changing the lifestyle.  That is such good news....freely available to all.

I listened to Dan McDonald's videos this morning.  Here are two of his nuggets of wisdom.

"Junk food is a major addiction.  It is just as addicting as drugs.  Food is the last great drug.  Junk food causes obesity, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, and excessive amounts of metabolic waste that the body cannot process."

"Drink your juice.  It's a life saver,  Don't cut it out.  Clean it out.  Keep your vital organs and glands."

I like to plan my week ahead every Sunday on a piece of brightly colored construction paper.  I am planning NOT to plan so much, but still the calendar with my tasks and appointments helps keep me focused on what's important to me.  But not planning TOO much will allow for spontaneity, flexibility and being open to what life brings my way.  How exciting!

Rather than spending Sunday afternoon being lazy and over-eating I decided to go visiting.  I visited with my daughter, Molly, and grand-daughter, Ashlyn.  Molly was happy that I returned the things they left at my house last week-end, especially her curling iron.  Ashlyn has all her black Friday purchases wrapped and under the tree.

I went to Kroger to shop for organics.  I bought organic carrots, cucumbers, apples, lemons and grapefruit.

Then I went to the nursing home to visit my Mom.  I put a beautiful Christmas wreath on her door.  She loved it.  We decorated a small tree with silver garland and red bows that we put on top of the chest of drawers she shares with her roommate.  Very cute.  We put a Christmas plaid scarf across the chest of drawers , hung a stocking over her bed, and put a Christmas pillow in her wheel chair.  She feels very Christmas-y now.  Mom and I had supper together in the dining room.  I brought my own raw food...veggie cocktail, salad, avocado which I shared with Mom, and some almonds.  I drank some tea they served in the dining room.

Mom's nurse talked to me a long time about Nature Cure and the things I studied in Australia.  She wants to meet Dr. Fielder when he visits in this area next May.  Her daddy may want to hear him speak, also.

Travis had the tree up when I got home, so I started putting ornaments on it.  It looks pretty.  There are still plenty more ornaments to go on it.

I ate raw peanuts and watched an episode of House Hunters International about Cairns, Australia.  I felt like I was there!  It made me miss it.  I recognized everything...the esplanade, the lagoon, the Kuranda look out, Trinity Bay, and more.

I am learning two songs for Sweet Adelines...Go, Tell it on the Mountain, and Mary Did You Know.

To health and happiness.

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