Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feta and Seed Cheese

I woke up at 4:30 and read my Bible chapters.  The word from Mom wasn't as good as I hoped.  She is still in a regular room, but was too weak to do the therapy and sitting up they had planned for her.  Come on, Mom, you can do it!  Travis posted a video of a song being sung at Old Union on Sunday.  That made me feel better.

The kookaburra and I mowed grass from 8:00 until 10:30.  I checked under the yellow sapote tree, but nothing today.  I picked a little bowl of Brazilian cherries for our lunch.  They are really good.  We got a few tomatoes out of the garden.  We pick them when they first start to turn pink, else the rats will eat them.

We prepared lunch, then everyone got cleaned up.

Lunch was papaya, white sapote, yellow sapote, mango, banana with macadamia nut spread, avocado, Brazilian cherries, and grated coconut.  White sapote tastes like a soft pear.

I tried to study my French today, but the headset that came with the Rosetta Stone course broke at the USB plug.  I plugged in an old Sony headset of John's.  It works with Skype, but not Rosetta Stone.  I chatted with someone with Rosetta Stone in India.  He said this headset won't work.  I can hear the voice on the lesson, but the lesson can't hear me.  Someone from Rosetta Stone is supposed to contact me about buying a replacement headset.

A snake dropped down from above my head as I walked out of the office.  It was skinny and black.  It made me squeal.  I'm sorry, but I don't seem to be able to stand quietly and let them crawl away as I have been instructed.  John says it is a green tree snake...even though it's black.  He says it was dark green.  I don't know whether to believe him or not.

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00....Very rarely, if ever, do we use heat for a compress.  You use cold, as it comes from the tap.  Never use ice.

If you put a compress on any part of the body other than the abdomen, you must also use a compress on the abdomen.  Otherwise, all the problems you have will be drawn to the compress and make your problem worse.

An ulcer is local elimination of poison.  It is not systemic.

A weak voice is indicative of low vitality.

Varicosity can be improved with the Nature Cure lifestyle.  Varicosity is caused by malnutrition in that area.  It could be toxemia in a certain area that prevents nutrients getting to that area.  Treating only the effect makes it worse.  The cause is always the lifestyle...wrong food, or wrong habits of living...worry, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Eddie came by before dinner.  He made us a seed cheese, some feta cheese from raw cow's milk, and a bottle of whey.  The seed cheese and feta were very nice.  I passed on the whey.  I bought 2 kilos of raw pistachio's from him for $25.00.

Dinner was tomato, cucumber, avocado, seed cheese, feta, and sauerkraut.

I borrowed John's book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview of the New Physics by Gary Zukar.

Tonight I read and ate pistachios.  What a treat!

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