Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, 11/15/11

Well, the family is all invited over on December 17th for lunch.  My step-mother and step-brother, David, will be here to celebrate Christmas with us.  My mom will be here also along with my siblings, all my children and grandchildren, all my nieces, and great nephews and nieces.  Should be fun.  I will serve salad and fruit and some cooked vegetarian soup and cornbread.

It was pouring rain today.  Our newly fed fruit trees must be very happy.  I asked Dr. John Fielder about when to prune them.  He said we can prune them anytime.  There are conflicting opinions on when is the best time.  The traditional view is to prune them while they are dormant.  The latest thought, however, is to prune them while they are growing so they can better repair themselves.  John thinks the latest idea is valid.

With all the rain outside today, my work for the day was domestic chores inside.  I got all three bathrooms cleaned and washed a load of laundry.

I gave our friend, Karl, a copy of an out of print book entitled "The Quintessence of Natural Living For Health & Happiness:  Essays and Talks on the Art of Natural Hygiene Lifestyle" by Keki Sidhwa.  He sent a wonderful thank you note saying that he and his wife, Rebecca, were both finding things in it that were interesting.  I am now looking for a copy of this book for myself.  Abe Books has a couple of copies available in the U.K.  and one in Canada.  Seems to be a rare book as well as out of print.

Lunch today was green smoothie, watermelon, and peanuts.

I went to the nursing home to visit Mom.  My sister, Sheila, had gone over earlier to have lunch with her.  I got there about 3:00.  I took a raw foods meal to share with my sister.  We ate with Mom at her table in the dining room.  Mom ate the food they served her, but Sheila and I ate hummus, carrots, tabouli, veggie cocktails (carrots, beet, celery, red bell pepper), avocado and goody balls.

Sheila and I visited the Top of the Rock Sweet Adelines Chorus in Little Rock....actually they rehearse in Sherwood.  I sing baritone, and Sheila sings lead.  They let us stand on the risers beside a member that sings the same part we sing.  It was so much fun to be back on the risers after so many years away from it.  My sister and I sang in a Sweet Adeline quartet years ago.  We were given two songs to learn so we can sing them with the chorus during the holiday performances.

I am not used to being up so late.  Rehearsal was over at 10:00.  It took about 1-1/2 hours to drive home in a pouring rain so got home about midnight.  Made for a long day.

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