Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Work Day

This morning Travis went to the hospital to visit Mom.  We used his iphone and let me Skype with him, Sheila, and Mom.  Mom is looking better which is great.  She is very excited that I am coming home.

I cleaned the kitchen this morning.  The whey that Eddie brought us leaked all over the kitchen floor somehow.  He had it in a plastic milk jug.  There must have been a leak in the seam or something.  Talk about a mess.  After I finished the kitchen, I mowed grass until 11:30.  Today was my last work day on the farm.  It's been a wonderful experience to get to work like this. 

Lunch today was papaya, avocado, banana, sapadilla, yellow sapote, mango, and grated coconut.

I started packing my bags. Surely I can fit everything in.  My work clothes that I bought at the op shops will stay here...also my work rain poncho.  I hope my terry wrap robe I bought at the op shop will fit in my suitcase.  I like it, but it may be too bulky.

I did some hand laundry.  I washed my Arkansas Razorback t-shirt to wear home!

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00.
- High blood pressure is not acute, it's chronic.  So fasting for high blood pressure would start when an acute symptom develops.
- Any poison you put into your body requires you to pay the penalty, including dental poisons such as novocaine.
- If you eat as you should eat, you won't have to worry about laxatives.  The body will operate as it should if you are doing the right things.  If your bowels aren't working...say because of stress...then address the stress and not the bowels.  Look at the cause, not the effect.
- You have to replace every cell in your body.  Every cell in your body is unhealthy now because it was built from unhealthy material.  If your lifestyle is right, then this reconstruction will take 7-10 years.  If you follow the lifestyle perfectly and fast when you become acutely ill, it will take 7 months.  For most people it takes 18 months to two years.
-Any pain or discomfort you feel when you are doing the right thing is the pain of healing.  If you are not doing the right thing, then it is the pain of destruction and a warning to change what you are doing.
-In the process of healing you relive things you have experienced before and used remedies to suppress the healing symptoms.  You need to let the symptoms play out without interference.
-You need to be able to walk every day.  Keep away from the gymnasium.  Walk in the fresh air.
-Putting on a jacket and walking until you sweat will break an asthma attack.

I ripped out the cap I am knitting and started over on it.  I just hope it won't be too big or too small.

Supper was feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and a date.

I knitted on the cap until I went to bed to read.

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